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Pet Insurance Cost

Pet Insurance Cost

See How Much Does Pet Insurance Will Cost For Your Pet

The average pet insurance accident & illness policy starts at $24/month for a dog and $16/month for a cat. Some companies also allow you to add wellness & routine care plans for an additional $20/month.

Average Costs by Breed

Breed Average Cost
Mixed Breed Medium Dog $28/month
Golden Retriever Dog $32/month
Yorkshire Terrier Dog $29/month
Mixed Breed Cat $24/month

* Full coverage for 2 year-old pet

Average Costs by Location

Location Average Cost
New York, New York $34/month
Columbus, Ohio $28/month 
Los Angeles, California $32/month 

* Full coverage for a 2 year-old, mixed breed dog

How Do Companies Calculate Cost?

There are 4 primary factors that determine how much pet insurance will cost for your pet.

1. Breed

Generally speaking pure breed dogs and cats are slightly more expensive than mixed breed's. This is because purebreds are more susceptible to hereditary conditions. Hereditary disorders like hip dysplasia and cancer are some of the most common and expensive issues to treat.

2. Age

Just like humans, older dogs and cats are expensive to insure because they are more susceptible to illnesses and accidents. You can get a pet insurance policy for any age pet but the cost will be higher the older your pet is. This is why we encourage pet owners to purchase plans while their dogs and cats are young.

3. Zip Code

Veterinary surgery in New York City costs almost twice as much as Lincoln, Nebraska. And because pet insurance companies pay based on your actual vet bills they charge more in expensive zip codes like New York.

4. Coverage

There is a wide range of pet insurance coverage options: from accident-only to full accident, illness and routine care plans. The more coverage you purchase the more expensive your policy will be. You can also choose a deductible and reimbursement rate to meet your budget. You can save money by choosing a higher deductible and lower reimbursement rate.


Each company is unique in the way they calculate rates based on breed, age and location. That is why we always encourage pet owners to use our quote system to compare plans and prices from all the top companies. The fact is that where you live and the type of pet you have is unique and the only way to find the best price is to get rates from multiple companies.

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