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AKC Pet Insurance Overview

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Overall Rating ★★
Customer Satisfaction 70%
Total Reviews 1,910
Major Medical Coverage Yes
Wellness Care Coverage Yes
Avg. Price Range $28/mo.

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What's Covered?

Standard Coverage

AKC Pet Insurance offers two major medical plans. Both plans are limited because they exclude potential health issues such as luxating patella, cruciate ligaments, exam fees and congenital conditions.

You can add an Exam Care endorsement and Inherited Plus plan to add congenital conditions coverage for an extra charge (details below).

And much like most pet insurance companies, AKC offers wellness care for an additional charge (details below).

Treatment CompanionSelectTM CompanionPlusTM
Labratory Tests
X-rays, Ultrasound, MRI/CAT Scans
Prescription Meds
Extractions of teeth
Illnesses -
Cancer Coverage -
Luxating Patella - -
Cruciate Ligaments - -
Congenital Conditions Optional Optional
Exam Fees Optional Optional
Wellness Care Optional Optional


Optional Coverage Endorsements



For $6.58/mo. this endorsement provides coverage for the cost of exam fees to treat or diagnose a current covered illness or injury. This extended coverage does not provide coverage for annual wellness office visits because that is included in the wellness plans.


This endorsement provides coverage for congenital conditions for an additional charge.

Wellness Care

Here is an overview of all that's covered by AKC's wellness care plans.

Treatment Defender DefenderPlusTM
Price $0 $150
Spay/Neuter - Teeth Cleaning $15 $15
Rabies $50 $65
Flea/Tick Prevention $30 $30
Vaccination/Titer $30 $40
Wellness Exam $50 $50
Heartworm test or FELV screen $25 $30
Blood, fecal, parasite exam $50 $70
Microchip $20 $40
Urinalysis or ERD $15 $25
Deworming $20 $20
Total Annual Benefit $305 $535

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Plan Details


AKC's policy details are pretty standard with one exception. In addition to an annual limit, AKC has a per-incident limit, which can restrict what's paid out for a given health issue or treatment.

Annual Limit $1.5k - $10k
Per Incident Limit $3k - $16k
Annual Deductible $100 - $1,000
Reimbursement Rate 80%
Waiting Period - Accidents 3 days
Waiting Period - Illnesses 14 days
Waiting Period - Orthopedic 14 days
Minimum Age 8 weeks for dogs, 10 weeks cats
Maximum Age 9 years old
Trial Period 30 days


Company Profile

Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Phone 1-866-725-2747
Underwriter American Pet Insurance Company
A.M. Best Rating Not Rated
Legal Name PetPartners, Inc.


a. Illness regardless of cause.

b. Veterinary exams, unless you purchase our ExamCare endorsement.

c. Inherited and congenital conditions.

d. Pre-existing conditions.

e. Treatment for cruciate ligament related conditions. This includes any associated meniscal injury or another condition secondary to cruciate ligament injury, tear or rupture.

f. Treatments or diagnosis of an injury, or service excluded by the policy as well as secondary complications from such excluded injury, or service.

g. Intentional, neglectful, or preventable acts, caused by you or a member of your household, that result in injury to your pet(s).

h. Elective, cosmetic, grooming, bathing and nail clipping, necropsy.

i. Fees to diagnose or treat any injury related to breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and nursing.

j. The cost to spay or neuter your pet(s) regardless of the reason.

k. Preventive care including but not limited to wellness exams, flea control, worm medication, vaccinations and dental care.

l. All diets, pet(s) food, vitamins and nutritional supplements, whether prescribed or not. PetPartners, Inc. PO Box 37940 Raleigh, NC 27627-7940 PPI-CSELECT-TC-004 (04/2014) Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company Page 2

m. Alternative treatments including but not limited to holistic, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal and homeopathic. (Laser therapy, hydro-therapy and physical therapy are not considered alternative treatments and therefore covered expenses).

n. Any diagnostics or treatment associated with anal glands.

o. More than one injury per coverage period arising from a repetitive and specific activity or similar activity that has previously occurred and displayed the propensity for this activity to happen again and cause injury to your pet(s). (Examples include but are not limited to: foreign body ingestion, dog fights, and toxin ingestion)

p. Diagnostics or treatment for internal or external parasites including but not limited to fleas, heartworms, and roundworms.

q. Injuries caused by your pet(s) being attacked or attacking another pet(s) in your household.

r. Experimental, investigational treatment, organ and tissue transplants, or prosthesis.

s. Sales tax, medical waste, veterinary administrative, shipping and postage fees.

t. House calls, travel time, boarding and/or transportation.

u. Treatment or diagnostics related to behavior.

v. Any conditions related to teeth including but not limited to gingivitis, periodontal disease, root canals, caps and crowns, vital pulpotomies, deciduous teeth, diseased or abscessed teeth (except medically necessary extractions for permanent broken teeth due to an accident).

w. Conditions resulting from activities related to training or participating in track or sled racing, guard security, working, or organized fighting.

x. Injury caused directly or indirectly by: a) enemy attack by armed forces, with or without a state of war, including actions taken in resisting the attack; b) insurrection; c) rebellion; d) revolution; e) invasion; f) civil war; g) illegal acts; h) usurped power; i) nuclear radioactive contamination; j) pandemic conditions.

y. The cost of treatment or diagnostics for bilateral conditions presenting on one side of the body, if that condition was a pre-existing condition on the other side of the body.

z. Luxating Patella

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