Pet Insurance Providers

There are 13 pet insurance providers offering plans in America. Here is the full list of providers and quick overview of what type of coverage they offer.


They all cover major medical issues but some also offer wellness coverage.



Finding the Perfect Plan

We update all company profile pages regularly to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information. Pet insurance companies often make changes to their policies so it’s important to keep track of updates.

Although they all offer coverage for accidents and illnesses not all companies are created equal. Each company is unique but just like any insurance product there are some great companies and some not so great companies.

If you’d like to compare plans and prices side-by-side you can use our quote system. It offers real-time, accurate quotes for up to three pets at one time.


Provider Profiles

Every pet insurance company profile on our website is broken down into four main parts. Here is an explanation and overview of each section.

Company Overview

First, the top is where we put the company ratings, reviews and overall score. We feel like this is the best place to start and the most important information.

If you know a company already has a good rating then it’s worth learning more about their coverage and service offering. If they have poor ratings then it’s probably not worth investigating further.

Coverage Detail

Second, we provide a summary of each company that gives you a sense of what they’re all about. When they were founded, what their history is and what you can expect overall if you become a customer of that particular company.

We feel like this provides a personal touch and illustrates our perspective on each company.

Service Details

Third, we provide a very detailed coverage summary. The coverage details provide all of the key aspect of each company’s policy.

We point out waiting periods, coverage exclusions and other pertinent information. Coverage is the most complex part of the pet insurance buying process, so we don’t expect every pet owner to read or understand the details.

Just know they’re there and they’re accurate.

Provider Highlights

Fourth, there is a quick snapshot of the company. This includes year founded, location of the headquarters and the names of the leadership teams.

It has some of the same information as the company summaries but in a more fact-based, bullet-point format.

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