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Pet Insurance and Routine Pet Care


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Illness, accidents, and surgeries are the types of high-cost medical concerns that pet owners fear when it comes to providing and paying for veterinary care.

They are also the types of issues that pet insurance is traditionally designed to cover. But while expensive, these aren’t the only pet health needs that can put a strain on a family’s budget.

Routine pet care is a necessity that all pet owners must see to if they want their pets to live a healthy life. For some pets, this type of regular care can add up and raise the cost of pet ownership.

Fortunately, routine care pet insurance is available.

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What is it?

Pet insurance that covers routine care is a form of insurance that is meant to cover services that you know your pet will need.

These services are generally those that prevent a pet from becoming ill as opposed to treatments for illness.

Services that fall under this type of plan include annual wellness exams or checkups, vaccines and boosters, spaying and neutering, teeth-cleaning, and more.

Although some may refer to it as pet insurance, routine care coverage is most commonly called a wellness plan or routine wellness coverage.


How Does it Work?

When a person has pet insurance for routine care, they can expect reimbursement for veterinary care. Wellness plans work just like other forms of pet insurance.

Once the pet owner has taken their cat or dog to the veterinarian, they pay for the routine services that they receive and submit a claim to the insurer.

The insurer reviews the claim and sends a check to the pet owner for a portion of the cost.


Benefits of Routine Care Insurance

There are benefits to having pet insurance for routine care. This type of policy, unlike others, generally does not require policyholders to pay co-payments for routine care or meet deductibles before receiving reimbursement.

In addition, there is generally no waiting period. It is affordable and a great supplement to major medical plans, as together, they provide all-around coverage for pets.

As a result, pet owners who purchase routine care pet insurance can potentially save more on their overall pet care.


Selecting an Insurance Provider and Plan

Not all health insurance companies offer their customers pet insurance that covers routine care. Of the 12 top providers, only nine currently offer this type of policy.

When selecting an insurer, keep in mind that most wellness plans are an add-on option and most insurers require that consumers also enroll in major medical pet insurance.

Routine care and major medical insurance must be from the same provider, so it is important that you use to compare these companies and plans to determine which has the best range of covered services.

We offer several different ways for pet owners to research insurance companies before they sign up for a plan. We are a 100 percent unbiased source that provides comparison charts and free price quotes.

Our site even includes star ratings and customer reviews to help guide you in choosing the right wellness plan. Compare plans and rates and save money on routine care for your pet with our help!

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