50 Most Popular Dog Names

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Looking for some popular dog names for your new puppy? Or maybe you’re looking for names to avoid because you don’t want to follow the crowd?

Whatever your motivation, here is a complete list of the top 50 dog names in America!

Girl Dogs
Boy Dogs
1. Bella1. Max
2. Daisy2. Buddy
3. Lucy3. Charlie
4. Molly4. Rocky
5. Sadie5. Bailey
6. Coco6. Cooper
7. Lola7. Bear
8. Sophie8. Duke
9. Chloe9. Toby
10. Maggie10. Jack
11. Zoey11. Bentley
12. Roxy12. Harley
13. Lily13. Jake
14. Abby14. Riley
15. Ginger15. Zeus
16. Mia16. Lucky
17. Luna17. Gus
18. Penny18. Teddy
19. Gracie19. Buster
20. Sasha20. Pepper
21. Princess21. Baxter
22. Stella22. Diesel
23. Lexi23. Sam
24. Tina24. Cody
25. Clara25. Oliver

Did you know? Gus is the #17 male dog name


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