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Gus - Healthy Paws Review

Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy

Pictured: Gus and Melissa - Columbus, Ohio


"We picked up Gus from a breeder earlier this year and knew we wanted to insure him based on experience with past pets. Unfortunately we lost our last dog, Beau, to cancer and the vet bills were enormous. Going through that experience really changes your perspective as a dog owner because you realize how awful it feels when your dog needs life-saving treatment. You also learn, through that experience, how expensive the emergency room visits, diagnostics, tests, surgery and treatment are. In less than 24 hours your vet bills can exceed $5,000 before they even know what's wrong. Luckily for us we had pet insurance for Beau.

With Gus we didn't want to go with the old company we were originally insured with through Beau. It was a great experience and they paid claims quickly and we were very happy. However, we decided to shop anew and see if there was anything that might be a better fit for Gusto. After doing research, reading reviews and comparing quotes we ended up choosing Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws seemed to be the clear market leader with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Their service is excellent, they have a claims app that we downloaded to our phones, and there aren't any payout limits on claims. Healthy Paws is also accepted at Gus' primary veterinary clinic, Beechwold Veterinary Hospital and our local vet hospital, MedVet.

So far Gus hasn't had any serious health problems but we have already visited the vet twice. The first visit was for diarrhea. After running tests they found that Gus had worms and a stomach bacteria that required antibiotics and other medications to clear up. The second issue was a case of kennel cough. Gus kept coughing and wheezing so we took him back to the vet and he had a case of kennel cough. Again, he needed some meds and eventually it cleared up with no issues.

Healthy Paws did cover the tests and medications for Gus' diarrhea and kennel cough. However, we didn't purchase it for small vet bills. We enrolled with Healthy Paws in the unfortunate case that Gus needs expensive, life-saving treatment down the road. We feel like we made a great decision and continue to sing our praises about how great Healthy Paws is!


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