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Achondroplasia in Dogs

Dog suffering from Achondroplasia


Achondroplasia Overview


Achondroplasia, also referred to as Dwarfism, is a form of osteochondrodysplasia in which the bones do not grow to the normal size based on what is expected of the breed. This is caused by a mutation of the fibroblast growth factor receptor gene. The result is abnormally short limbs, a condition called dwarfism.

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Symptoms and Types

Here are some symptoms to look out for with your puppy to determine if they might be susceptible to achrondroplasia or dwarfism.

  • Larger than normal head
  • Undershot jaw with shorter nose
  • Crooked teeth
  • Abnormal bone shape
  • Overall lack of growth
  • Shorter than normal bone development
  • Enlarged joints
  • Bowed limbs


Breeds Commonly Affected


In some breeds this trait is selectively encouraged. Other breeds that are reported to be affected are bulldogs. This disorder is genetically acquired and considered a hereditary disorder.


Treatment Options


Depending on level of severity many dogs live long, healthy lives without need for treatment. If your dog suffers severe pain anti-inflammatory medications can alleviate pressure and in some cases orthopedic surgery is necessary to manage the pain.

Cost of Treatment: $1,000 - $5,000 if corrective surgery is necessary.

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