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Pictured: Baron and Veronique - Boise, Idaho

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"Baron was about one year old when I adopted him almost 7 years ago. He was malnourished likely abused and neglected as a puppy. He had a rough start to life from what I was told. I quickly learned Baron was going to be quite a project for me. He was afraid of everything and everyone. From day one, he would come to work with me every day so he could be by my side and see what the world had to offer. It took Baron a little over a year to learn to play, learn not to be afraid of everyone, and not to react to his fear in an aggressive way.

A few months after adopting Baron, my little brother was killed in Baghdad, Iraq serving our Country. This was one of the darkest times of my life. Without Baron by my side and knowing I was responsible for him, and that he counted on me and trusted me to be there for him, I don’t know where I would be today.

A few years later, I had read about pet insurance and it had me curious. I found Pets Best Insurance through my search and quickly learned that it was not as expensive as I thought so I went for it. What did I have to lose? You never expect that your pet will become ill or injured, but you never know.

A year and a half later, Baron started limping. It turned out to be an ACL injury and Baron needed surgery. Pets Best Insurance came to the rescue! Six months after the surgery, I noticed Baron’s fur on his legs wasn’t growing back. A couple weeks went by and he was starting to get a runny nose, and was sneezing quite a bit. The morning I decided to bring him to the vet, I noticed enlarged, golf ball sized lymph nodes under is jaw. It was pretty shocking how they grew so quickly overnight. I rushed him to my vet. Later that afternoon I received that dreaded phone call that Baron has Lymphoma. I was told without chemotherapy he may only live another 4-6 weeks. My heart sunk. We started chemotherapy that day.

It has been 15 plus weeks since his initial diagnosis and he is responding to the treatments and is doing very well. He is still playful, happy and eating well. When I was told how much the chemotherapy treatment would be I was a bit shocked. Without the help I receive from Pets Best Insurance, affording this treatment for Baron would be difficult. I know that Baron would do anything for me and I do anything for him. I guess you can say we have saved each other time and time again.

“Without the help I received from Pets Best, affording chemotherapy for Baron would be difficult. Thank you Pets Best Insurance!”

Thank you Pets Best Insurance!!!"


Treatment Details

Insurance Claims: ACL Injury, Lymphoma

Total Cost of Treatments: $5,131

Deductible: $500

Paid by Pets Best: $3,305

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