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A pre-existing condition is any illness or injury that first occurred or showed signs prior to your policy starting. If your pet has suffered from a specific illness, injury or other health condition prior to enrollment then it will be considered a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by pet insurance.

Unfortunately no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, which is why it’s so important to enroll in a plan while your pet is healthy!


Example #1: Your Dog is Limping

Your dog has been limping for a couple of weeks so you decide to sign up for a pet insurance policy on July 1st. You take your dog to the vet on July 3rd and x-rays show he has a broken leg. The broken leg would be considered a pre-existing condition and would not be covered because the injury happened before you enrolled.

Outcome – Not Covered


Example #2: Foreign Body Ingestion

You enroll in a pet insurance plan on December 1st. Then on Christmas Day, December 25th, your dog eats a bunch of wrapping paper. You take him to the vet and find out there is a severe obstruction in his stomach and he needs surgery. Luckily your waiting period has passed so this claim would be covered because it is not a pre-existing condition.

Outcome – Covered


Example #3: Bladder Infection

Two years ago your dog had a bladder infection that required a night in the hospital and some antibiotics. You enroll in a plan March 1st. Eighteen months after you enroll in a pet insurance plan your dog suffers from a bladder infection that requires another night in the hospital and more antibiotics. Some companies, like Embrace Pet Insurance will cover curable health issues like bladder infections as long as they’ve been cured for 12 months after the date of your enrollment.

Outcome – Depends

Learn about coverage for pre-existing conditions here


Additional Note

As an additional point of clarity, congenital and hereditary disorders are not considered pre-existing conditions.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not your pet has a pre-existing condition you can ask for a free veterinary review prior to enrollment. The review will list any pre-existing conditions and outline what will be covered and what will not.

If you’d like a free veterinary review fill out our quick quote form. One of our licensed agents will reach out and you can ask them you’d like a veterinary review for your pet.



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