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The True Cost of Owning a Dog

Getting a new puppy is a big responsibility. It is also a significant financial responsibility.

According to Petco, the first year owning a puppy will cost $511 to $6,600. The range depends on the type of breed, where you live and whether or not your puppy has any health issues.

From year two on the annual cost of puppy ownership ranges between $287 to $2,485.


What is Puppy Insurance?

Puppy insurance helps pay for veterinary treatment when your dog gets sick or injured. It reimburses you for treatment of broken bones, swallowed socks and hereditary conditions. Basically any unexpected health issues that your puppy might encounter will be covered.


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Why Enroll as a Puppy?

The absolute BEST time to enroll in pet insurance is when your dog is young and healthy. Here are the top reasons that enrolling in pet insurance while your dog is a puppy makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Pet insurance is cheaper the younger your pet is, so the earlier you sign up the cheaper your rates will be
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance, so enrolling while your puppy is healthy will ensure anything that happens during your dog’s life will be 100% covered
  • Puppies are prone to accidents! Puppies love to explore and chew on things and accidents like foreign body ingestion or broken bones are covered

More info: Understanding Pet Insurance: Pet Insurance that Covers Pre-Existing Conditions


Emergency Care is Expensive

Emergency veterinary care can cost thousands of dollars. Most dog owners don’t realize how expensive it costs until they’re faced with a bill or decision at a veterinary hospital. See a list of potential puppy health conditions here.


Benefits of Puppy Insurance

  • Make decisions about treatment without worrying about money
  • Enroll as a puppy and keep your dog covered for life
  • Protect yourself against unexpected veterinary emergencies


Compare Puppy Plans

There are a lot of options out there and not all coverage is created equal. Making the right decision can be the difference from a great experience and terrible experience. If you’d like to start narrowing down your search check out our list of the top puppy insurance plans.

Dive Deeper: Puppy Insurance Reviews


Finding the Right Plan

Trying to find the perfect plan can be confusing, so we built a comparison tool to make it easier. Simply share some information about your puppy and our system will find the perfect plans for your puppy.

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