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Since starting in 2011 we’ve generated over two million pet insurance quotes and helped thousands of pet parents find the perfect plan for their dogs and cats. No other pet insurance website or service even comes close. Learn more about what sets us apart from the pack!


Meet Our Pack

We’re just a bunch of loving pet parents who want to help you find the perfect plan for your pet. We’ve built a world-class team of professionals who are intimately familiar with the needs of pet owners across the country. Our team puts pet owners first, not the pet insurance companies, which is the reason we’ve become the industry leader.


Nick Braun

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Nick is the founder of PetInsuranceQuotes.com. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in finance and insurance. Nick has been involved in the pet insurance industry for over a decade and has held various roles. He is an Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI®) and proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). Nick graduated from Miami University with a BA and received his MBA from The Ohio State University. Nick currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Melissa and their son Austin, twins Tyson and Anna and their Labrador retriever Gus.


Melissa Lonneman


Melissa is a veteran marketer and passionate pet parent. She has adopted three Labrador Retrievers, and is a sucker for any animal in need. Her passion for animal wellbeing is the reason she joined Pet Insurance Quotes. It’s not just a job for Melissa, it’s a true calling!


Jeff Lamb

QStart Labs

Jeff and his team at QStart Labs have been developing world class technology solutions for over 20 years. They make sure the quotes come through each and every time a pet owner hits the button.


Gus aka “Gusto”

Gus is the newest addition to the PetInsuranceQutoes.com family. He’s just a puppy but has already graduated from training school. He tests new dog products and services and shares his experiences. Whether it’s a dog tracking device, DNA tests or food, Gus is happy to give it all a try and offer his unbiased opinions. On weekends Gus enjoys sleeping under the drapes and hopping around the backyard with his big brother.


Beau aka “Bubba Gump”

Beau was the inspiration for Pet Insurance Quotes. He wanted other dogs and cats to have pet insurance like he did. Unfortunately Beau was diagnosed with terminal heart cancer and passed, but his love and memory will live on forever. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Doggy Heaven buddy… we love you Bubba Gump!


Brock Weatherup


Brock is the former CEO of Pet360, the leading consumer engagement, digital media and subscription commerce company for the pet industry. Pet360 was sold to PetSmart in 2014 for $160 million. Prior to Pet360 Brock was the CEO of FatHead and held several other executive roles in various companies. Today Brock is focused on angel investing through his personal fund, Atai Ventures. Brock lives in Philadelphia with his wife and their two daughters.


John Gagliardi


John is a former Team USA All-World lacrosse player and two time college All-American from Johns Hopkins University. He is a serial entrepreneur and was the founder of Maverik Lacrosse, which sold to Kohlberg & Co. in 2012. Prior to founding Maverik, John was the sales manager at Blue Buffalo Co. John most recently founded Titan Tea, where he serves as CEO. John lives in Manhattan with his wife and daughter.


Lou Braun


Lou is a commercial insurance consultant at Hylant. His extensive sales experience in both the insurance and healthcare industries have been crucial in helping Pet Insurance Quotes grow. Lou is the proud pet parent of Magruff and lives in Columbus with his wife Kim and their three boys.


Our Expertise

We’re obsessed with trust and honesty, so we’ve partnered with the most respected organizations and associations in the industry. Here are some of the groups we’re proud to be a part of. We’ve also been cited and mentioned in the most trusted publications in the country. The New York Times, Huffington Post, Clark Howard and the Pet Guide to name a few.


North American Pet Health Insurance Association


Our Story

Insurance professional meets a Labrador. It’s not your traditional love story. In 2009, our Founder, Nick, met his wife and her rescue Lab mix, Beau. He fell head-over-tail in love with both, although Beau took a little longer to come around to the new man in his life. Over time, thanks partly to table scraps and hidden treats, Nick and Beau forged an unshakeable bond.

Nick knew him and his wife Melissa would do anything to protect their “buddy,” and began exploring pet insurance. But sniffing out good policies was confusing, and wading through the various options was overwhelming. Nick found himself wishing there was a trusted, independent comparison site that would do the heavy lifting for him. A site that would help him find the perfect policy for Beau.

So, in 2011, after Nick spent countless late nights working with Beau by his side PIQ was born.

In 2014 Beau fell seriously ill with a cancerous tumor. Thanks to pet insurance, Nick and Melissa knew they could afford any treatment that would make Beau better. Pet insurance allowed Nick and Melissa to avoid financial worries during an already stressful time. Beau underwent thousands of dollars of tests, treatments and discussions with oncologists.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

Beau passed away with Nick and Melissa by his side. They knew they had done everything they could to help him and had no regrets. While in the end they made the right decision not to prolong Beau’s suffering any longer and they were grateful for the extra time pet insurance allowed them to have. Nick believes one of the best ways to honor Beau is to help other pet owners. By helping pet parents get the perfect policy to protect their four-legged family member we hope to ease the stress and panic that hits owners when pets become ill.

Since then we have helped thousands of pet owners shop for pet insurance. We’re licensed in all 50 states, which means we can answer your questions and help you find the perfect plan for your pet. Our service is 100% free and you can trust that the rankings, information and tools on our website are up-to-date and accurate.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help insure as many American pets as possible.

We want to help ensure that America’s dogs and cats get the best veterinary treatment possible and that their owners don’t have to worry about four or even five-figure vet bills. Less than 1% of American pet owners have insurance yet one in three pets will get sick or injured this year. Even relatively simple treatments can result in eye-watering vet bills like $7,000 to treat a stomach ulcer. We’re a nation of pet lovers who’ll do anything for our beloved four-legged friends.


Our Partners

We work with all the leading pet insurance providers in the U.S. and abroad. They are not just companies whose plans we sell, they are our partners. We work hand-in-hand with pet insurance providers to help educate pet owners and help them find the right coverage at the best possible price.


Disclosure: We receive compensation from the third parties included on this site which includes payment for sales to the Insurance Partners’ sites. This compensation enables us to provide you with our services at no cost. We strive to provide a wide array of offers, but our offers do not represent all pet insurance companies or products.


Benefits of our Service

We’re here to serve the good pet parents of America!

  • Education – Free tools, reviews and resources help educate pet parents on what pet insurance covers and how it works
  • Savings – Users can save 25% or more by comparing plans and prices
  • Trusted – We’re 100% independent and work with all the leading providers


How Our Service Works

Trying to find the perfect pet insurance plan for your dog or cat can be a real pain. With so many options where do you start?

  1. Complete our quick quote form (Hint: Right Here)
  2. Hit the button
  3. Compare plans and prices
  4. Enroll
  5. Relax, you’re covered now!


And because we’re 100% independent you can rest assure that we have your best interests in mind, not the insurance companies.We’ve generated over one million quotes and helped thousands of dog and cat owners find the perfect plans for their pets.


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