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If you’re looking to compare pet insurance companies, you’re in the right place. We provide free information and tools to help you sift through pet insurance options so you can find the perfect plan for your furry family member!

Evaluating Options

There are over twenty pet insurance companies in America, and each plan is unique. There is a ton of detailed information available on each company, but to make things simple for our users, we evaluate each of our partner companies using three simple criteria.

1. Most Popular

Just as it sounds, this ranking criteria is based on total new pet enrollments for the latest quarter. So the more pets enrolled in a given company, the more popular they are. On the surface, it’s a very simple metric, but a very powerful one because it takes into account the collective decisions of thousands of pet parents over time. In other words, what better way to rank and narrow your options than by basing it on how many plans each company sells? The most popular plan factors in coverage, price, customer ratings, and ease of enrollment are all wrapped into one.

2. Top-rated

This is also relatively straightforward but worth a more detailed explanation. Top-rated means the highest average customer rating based on reviews from five different sources. The total reviews and scores are also updated every quarter to ensure sentiment is fresh. We selected the sources of reviews based on the quality of the source and the available data. There are other review sources and sites, but we felt this was the best mix to get an accurate average customer rating for each company. We use five sources of pet insurance reviews to calculate customer ratings (every source is equally weighted).

3. Price: Low to High

The final ranking factor is a simple price comparison. Price is not the end-all and be-all, but it is a simple, objective way to narrow down your options. The way we generate price rankings is to calculate the average price, apples-to-apples, for a given pet type, breed, and age. Keep in mind that this is not the perfect way to determine which company is the cheapest because every company rates plans based on your pet’s age, breed, and where you live. In summary, this criteria gives you a broad sense of price, but the only way to know which plan is the cheapest is to check your pet’s custom quotes!

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Compare Companies Side-by-Side

You can compare the top pet insurers side-by-side by clicking on the links below. Each chart shows coverage options, customer ratings, and additional information to help you find the right plan for you and your pet.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Learn More: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Learn More: Embrace Pet Insurance

FIGO Pet Insurance

Learn More: FIGO Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Learn More: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Learn More: Nationwide Pet Insurance

Fetch Pet Insurance

Learn More: Fetch Pet Insurance

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Learn More: Pets Best Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Learn More: Trupanion Pet Insurance

Complete List of Pet Insurance Companies


Shopping for pet insurance can seem like a pain in the tail, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of options, which can feel daunting, but that also means there is a plan out there for every pet parent and pet. Whether you want a simple, standard accident and illness plan or a comprehensive policy that covers wellness care, there is a plan for you.

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