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You want a pet insurance plan that will protect your dog or cat but not break the bank. This handy comparison chart will allow you to narrow down your search for the perfect plan.

Company Rating

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Overview

#1 customer rated 2015 - 2017

Coverage: Major Medical

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Avg. Cost: $24/mo.



Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide Overview

90% coverage on ALL vet bills

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

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Avg. Cost: $25/mo.



Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan Overview

Worldwide leader in pet insurance

Coverage: Major Medical

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Avg. Cost: $26/mo.



Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best Overview

The most affordable plans available

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

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Avg. Cost: $18/mo.



Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Overview

Offers 100% customized plans

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

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Avg. Cost: $31/mo.



Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion Overview

One simple plan with no limits

Coverage: Major Medical

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Avg. Cost: $37/mo.




Figo Pet Insurance

Figo Overview

Tech-savvy pet insurance provider

Coverage: Major Medical

Avg. Cost: $20/mo.



PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst Overview

Lifetime Plans for dogs and cats

Coverage: Major Medical

Avg. Cost: $41/mo.




ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA Overview

World-class animal wellness brand

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

Avg. Cost: $29/mo.




PetPremium Pet Insurance

PetPremium Overview

Coverage for pets of any age

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

Avg. Cost: $29/mo.





AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Overview

Another great pet wellness brand

Coverage: Major Medical + Wellness

Avg. Cost: $28/mo.



 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Logo

24PetWatch Overview

Offers additional pet services

Coverage: Major Medical

Avg. Cost: $57/mo.


Source: Best Pet Insurance



Where We Get Our Info

We gather customer reviews from a variety of sources and evaluate policies and coverage to ensure you can find the perfect plan for your dog or cat. There are two major categories we rank companies on; customer satisfaction and independent expert ratings. Learn more below.

Customer Satisfaction

Let's face it, sometimes the best way to evaluate whether a company is good or not is to see what their customers have to say. The satisfaction percentages in the chart are based on customer reviews from hundreds of websites and thousands of pet owners. The satisfaction percentage is the aggregate, overall customer satisfaction rating. So, the higher the better.

Overall Rating

We're licensed pet insurance experts, so we know a thing or two about quality coverage. Our five star rating system incorporates four major criteria: coverage, cost, customer satisfaction and company. Each category is rated separately and we use the combination to come up with a company's overall rating. Five stars represent the best pet insurance companies in America.

Rating Legend

Stars Rating
★★★★★ Among the best
★★★★ Better than most
★★★ Average
★★ The rest
Not satisfactory

Learn More: Ratings Methodology


5 Steps to the Perfect Plan


We've helped thousands of pet owners find the perfect plan using this easy 5 step process. Hopefully it can help you find the right plan for your dog or cat!


Step 1. Learn the Terms

Dog doing math on a chalkboard

Tip: Learn about your options and key terms

For example, pet insurance covers your dog or cat for unexpected veterinary bills due to accidents and illnesses. Pet Insurance policies do not cover routine care or pre-existing conditions.

However, you can purchase a pet wellness plan for additional cost. Another important fact is that you can use pet insurance at any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. with no restrictions.

Step 2. Focus on the Top

Dog celebrating with party hat

Tip: Only focus on the top five companies

Before digging into the details you want to separate the good companies from the bad. As we mentioned, there are 12 pet insurance companies in America, but they're not all created equal. In fact, there are winners and losers when it comes to coverage and customer satisfaction.

To make things easy we did our research and ranked every company based on coverage, customer satisfaction and price. We spend a ton of time constantly evaluating coverage to help you make the best decision for your pet. Not all pet insurance companies are created equal. Here is our list of the top 5 best pet insurance companies in America.


Step 3. Read Reviews

Anna kissing her dog Buster

Tip: Read customer reviews before buying

We stand by our rankings because we can sniff out a good company vs a bad pet insurance company, but don't take our word for it! We've also collected thousands of customer reviews from pet owners who have experience with pet insurance.

Reviews offer a key way to learn more about pet insurance companies, but pet parents shouldn't make a decision based on reviews alone. Here is a sample of reviews to give you an idea which companies do the best job paying claims.

"We Didn't Think We Needed It"

"Ever since he was a puppy Carter has been rambunctious. About six months ago he was running through a creek near our cabin in Montana and slipped on a rock, tearing his ACL..." Full Review

- Emily and Dan Williams

"Petplan Answered the Phone at 3:00am"

"A friend sent me a Facebook message about so I decided to check it out. I'm sure like most pet owners I was aware of pet insurance but completely uneducated..." Full Review

- Mitchell Haskens


"Dog Glaucoma is Very Expensive"

"Our precious little Chihuahua baby boy Lugo was diagnosed with glaucoma recently. It's devastating to know that your dog has issues seeing. It's a very helpless situation..." Full Review

- Javier Lomiller

"Saved Over $5,000 with Embrace"

Magruff's Story "We bought insurance for Magruff in 2010 after our friends urged us to consider it, and thank goodness they did! Gruffers unexpectedly needed hip replacement surgery that ended up costing $5,200..." Full Review

- Kim & Lou Braun

"Trupanion is a Truly Great Company"

"I shopped around a lot for pet insurance before we even picked Skip up at the shelter. Whether you get a new dog from a breeder or a rescue you really never know what type of health problems the dog might have so we thought it would be smart to get insurance..." Full Review

- Charlene Davidson

Step 4. Plans & Prices

Two hands holding an apple and orange

Tip: Get multiple quotes to find the best price

Once you have narrowed down your choices and get comfortable with what you're buying it's time to get quotes and compare prices. Depending on your pet's breed and age prices will vary widely so it's important to compare prices from several companies.

Mixed Breed Dog Labrador Retriever English Bulldog
$38/mo. $41/mo. $54/mo.

Each company prices breeds differently based on their underwriting and that's why it's important to compare quotes if you want to get the best price possible.

Source: Pet Insurance Cost

Step 5. Enroll in a Plan

Patriotic French Bulldog

Tip: Don't wait until it's too late!

Don't spend all this time researching and comparing pet insurance without enrolling in a plan! You can't predict your pet's health and pet insurance is the only way to ensure you'll have the funds available if your dog or cat needs serious veterinary care.

Source: Customer Testimonials

More Information

We've spent years evaluating policies, getting to know companies and talking to pet owners, so you can spend hours trying to figure out which companies are the best, or you can take a shortcut and rely on our experience and non-biased, independent expertise

About Us

Dog Insurance

Your pooch is one of a kind, but he likely shares certain health risks with others of his breed. Choose your dog's breed below to see his complete breed health profile. Once you know what health conditions to look out for, you can match a pet insurance plan to meet your dog's specific needs.

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Cat Insurance

Your feline is one of a kind, but she likely shares certain health risks with others of her breed. Choose your cat's breed below to see her complete breed health profile. Once you know what health conditions to look out for, you can match a pet insurance plan to meet your cat's specific needs.

Learn More: Cat Insurance

Wellness Plans

There are 12 companies currently offering pet insurance in the U.S. but only 8 offer pet wellness plans for dogs and cats. In order to be eligible for a wellness / routine care plan, you must enroll in a regular accident and illness policy.

Learn More: Pet Wellness Plans

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