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What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is health insurance for your pet – it covers your furbaby’s vet bills from unexpected accidents or illnesses.

Pet parenting can be expensive when the unexpected happens… But it doesn’t have to be! Don’t get caught off guard by prices when deciding the care for your precious pooch or kitten.

If your pet has a sudden accident or illness, taking them to an emergency vet is much more expensive than a typical vet visit – and that’s before the cost of the surgery, medicine, etc. But there is a solution! Let’s talk about pet insurance, and what it actually covers.

What Does Pet Insurance Actually Cover?

Pet insurance covers costs related to unexpected illness and injury. Although there are some pet insurances that cover exotic pets, most only cover cats and dogs.

Pet Insurance Typically Covers:



   Emergency vet visits



   Cancer Treatment


   Prescription medication

   Specialty care

Some Pet Insurance Companies Offer Add-On Coverage:

   Ongoing medication

   Prescription food


   Behavioral training

   Alternative treatments

   The cost associated with a canceled vacation due to pet injury or illness

Without pet insurance, these costs can add up quickly! But with the pet insurance companies we recommend, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you and your furry best friend! There are even pet insurance plans that will offer a 100% reimbursement for eligible pets.

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What is Not Covered by Pet Insurance?

Although a lot is covered under pet insurance plans, there are some things that aren’t. Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions are not typically covered under most pet insurances. So keep that in mind as you’re searching for the insurance for you.

Also, most pet insurance companies will restrict coverage on breeds with hereditary and congenital conditions. For example, hip dysplasia is common in large dog breeds, and is not usually covered. Same thing goes for breed-specific conditions like heart disease in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Dachshunds. There are a few pet insurance plans that will cover your pet in these circumstances if they are healthy for a certain amount of time. But usually it’s an add-on to your coverage.

NOT Covered by Typical Pet Insurance:

X   Annual checkups

X   Vaccinations

X   Lab Tests

X   Microchipping

X   Behavioral exams

X   Dental cleaning

Thankfully, some pet insurance companies do offer Wellness Plans as an add-on. Wellness Plans will cover things like routine wellness visits, vaccinations, medications, annual exams, and even pre-existing conditions. If you want to see the plans and price options, click the button below.

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Is it Worth it to Get Pet Insurance?

Let’s do a quick recap…

   Pet insurance gives you a peace of mind.

   Pet insurance can save you money.

   Every pet can find pet insurance.

   Some pet insurance plans have wellness plan add-ons.

   And you can pick your own vet!

That’s right – unlike human health insurance, pet insurance actually lets you pick your vet. Choose the vet you like best, the vet that’s cheapest, or the vet that is most convenient for you.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The monthly cost of your pet insurance will be based upon several factors:

  1. The percentage of the vet bills you want to have reimbursed.
  2. How much of a yearly deductible you’re willing to pay.
  3. Any coverage add-ons you choose.
  4. Species of your petdogs are more expensive than cats.
  5. Breed – large breeds are more expensive than small ones.
  6. Age – the older the pet, the more expensive their insurance.
  7. Location – larger cities are typically more expensive than rural towns.

For example, if you want a plan with a $0 deductible, maximum reimbursement, and no coverage cap, you could end up paying more than $100 per month. But not all plans are like that. So make sure to pick and choose wisely when it comes to the decisions of your pet insurance coverage plan.

It’s important to consider pet insurance before an emergency happens. For some pet parents, no cost is too high to take care of their furry best friends. For others, the well-being of a family pet comes down to cost – and we completely understand that!

That’s why we’re here to help you find the plan that’s best for you. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind… Knowing that if an emergency happens, your pets will be in good hands. No need to worry about debt. No need to worry about making difficult, in-the-moment decisions. Just reassurance that your pet will be taken care of, no matter what the cost.

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