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Can Dogs Eat Corn? What You Need to Know


What’s better than a salted and buttered ear of corn accompanying a few cheeseburgers or plate of barbecue? This tasty treat is one of the best dishes out there. It’s also only one of the many ways to consume corn. There are also individual kernels for a side dish or to mix into salsa, or popped up into a movie theater treat. This is a versatile, delicious food that’s great anytime and anywhere.

All of the pet lovers out there who enjoy a few ears or kernels of corn regularly may also wonder if their beloved pooches can enjoy the taste right along with them. Let’s answer that question right here.

Can Dogs Eat Corn? The Verdict

Here’s some good news for your dogs during all those outdoor barbecues this summer: Corn is perfectly okay for dogs to have, as long as you know a few essential things.

  • First, be sure to check with your veterinarian for any specific dietary restrictions your pet might have.
  • Second, be sure not to toss your dog a full corn-on-the-cob for them to enjoy. Those are too big for them to consume correctly, and they could very easily choke on them. If they’re going to have any corn, be sure that it is simply of the kernel variety.
  • Finally, if you’re going to give your dog popcorn, be sure it is adequately popped the whole way through. Avoid giving them unhealthy popcorn loaded with butter or salt. That’s as bad for them as it is for you.

Aside from that, some corn in their diet is perfectly okay. As with anything else, make sure you don’t overload them with that one specific food. If they have stomach troubles after consuming corn, consider removing it from their diet.

Protecting Your Pet

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