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Should Dogs Eat Shrimp? What You Need to Know

Can Dogs eat shrimp

As the pride of Greenbow, Alabama — one Mister Forrest Gump — once explained at great length, shrimp is an extremely versatile, delicious dish. Perfectly good for both appetizers and main courses, shrimp can be broiled, fried, baked… well, actually, you get it. You saw the movie clip.For dog owners, the presence of shrimp in one of the many dishes that include this seafood prompts a crucial question: Can my dog safely enjoy shrimp along with me?

Should Dogs Eat Shrimp? The Verdict

Forrest Gump’s dog would have been healthy — and well-fed. Here’s some good news for shrimp lovers. It’s perfectly okay for your dog to enjoy a few of these sea creatures, as long as you are aware of a few crucial points:
  • First, be sure to check in with your veterinarian to discuss any specific dietary restrictions or needs that your pet may have.
  • Don’t feed your dog raw shrimp. A large percentage of raw shrimp can contain harmful bacteria that are just as bad for a dog as they would be for humans. The good news? That harmful bacteria can easily be eliminated just by cooking the shrimp. So, if you’re prepping shrimp for your dinner, don’t just drop a piece to your dog. Wait until it is cooked before handing over a treat.
  • Try not to give your dog fried shrimp. In fact, try to avoid fried food for your dog in general. Fried food isn’t only unhealthy — it’s also ill-suited for a dog’s stomach. Stick with shrimp that has been baked, boiled, or otherwise cooked by a method that isn’t frying.
  • Another important thing to know before giving your dog a shrimp treat: Be sure to take off the tails and shells. These can easily become a choking hazard for your dog. Don’t ever feed your dog a whole, tail- or shell-on shrimp.
  • Don’t go overboard with feeding your dog shrimp. Only a few pieces, at the most, will do. Too much shrimp could be uncomfortable for your dog (as with most rich seafood).
  • Just like in humans, there is a chance your dog may be allergic to shrimp. If your dog experiences discomfort or is ill after eating shrimp, try cutting the food out of their diet.

Protecting Your Pet

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