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Top 10 Vet Clinics

You can find excellent veterinary care in every state, but some pet hospitals are simply world-class. We evaluated the top pet hospitals in America based on accreditation, responsiveness, service, treatment options and technological capabilities. Based on those criteria, here is our the top 10 vet hospitals in America.

#1 Animal Medical Center (AMC)

New York, New York

The AMC is the largest non-profit animal hospital in the world, providing compassionate care since 1910. This hospital has more than 100 veterinarians, offering the highest quality care across more than 20 specialties.

Offering their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the AMC is also a leader in veterinary medicine research and education. This hospital remains dedicated to clinical studies in order to develop innovative treatments for patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, respiratory disorders, and more.

Top benefits of the AMC:

  • VECCS certified and AAHA-accredited.
  • Provides care across more than 20 specialties and services, including surgery, neurology, emergency and critical care, cardiology, and more.
  • 24-hour emergency services are available 365 days a year.
  • Home to 40 board-certified specialists, including a surgical oncologist (the AMC is one of only a few veterinary hospitals to employ a board-certified specialist in this area).

#2 Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital

New York, New York

Located inside the ASPCA‘s New York City headquarters, this premier facility may be small, but it has a lot to offer. The Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, named after Henry Bergh, offers medical, emergency, and surgical services. Home to a dedicated staff of more than 20 veterinarians, as well as 30+ technicians, this hospital has been operating since 1912. Over the years, this hospital has built a respected reputation based on the quality of care they provide while remaining committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Top benefits of the Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • The Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital offers patients both general medicine and high-quality specialized care.
  • Their staff includes board-certified specialists in surgery and internal medicine.

#3 Angell Animal Medical Center

Boston, Massachusetts

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Angell Animal Medical Center is known for its compassionate and collaborative veterinary care. Home to both board-certified specialists and veterinary technicians, their experienced team has pioneered new surgical techniques in order to transform veterinary medicine. Operating for more than a century, their forward-thinking approach continues to make them one of the top animal hospitals in the U.S.

Top benefits of the Angell Animal Medical Center:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • The Angell Animal Medical Center goes the extra mile to provide peace-of-mind, sending “goodnight” texts to their clients, showing them their pets settling in for the evening.
  • A wide range of services are offered, including emergency and critical care, primary care, diagnostic imaging, palliative care, and more.
  • Low-cost spay/neuter programs are available.

#4 Prestige Animal Hospital

Fontana, California

Since opening its doors in 2012, Prestige Animal Hospital has provided incredible care to the city of Fontana, CA, as well as the surrounding area. Being a full-service veterinary hospital, this state-of-the-art clinic remains committed to improving the lives of pets through animal wellness, human-animal bonds, and the alleviation of pain.

Top benefits of Prestige Animal Hospital:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • In addition to medical, surgical, and emergency services, Prestige also provides grooming and boarding services.
  • Dozens of dog health and cat health services are offered, ranging from dog dental to dog pregnancy, cat cancer to cat vaccinations. Learn more here.
  • The hospital continues to have great reviews and testimonials.

#5 Alta View Veterinary Clinic

Greenfield, Wisconsin

Located in Greenfield, Wisconsin, the Alta View Veterinary Clinic is a full-service clinic, welcoming patients in need of routine medical, surgical, or dental care. At this location, pet owners gain access to diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical services, radiology services, behavior counseling, flea and tick programs, ultrasound imaging, and much more.

Top benefits of the Alta View Veterinary Clinic:

  • Excellent staff and veterinarians providing one-on-one assistance and care in a compassionate atmosphere.
  • Have years of experience treating serious conditions, offering their expertise.
  • They focus on preventative care, highlighting the importance of nutrition and other proactive measures, particularly among at-risk pets.

#6 Lewis Animal Hospital

Cincinnati, Ohio

Operating just outside of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, the Lewis Animal Hospital offers in-clinic diagnostics, wellness packages, and surgical services. This clinic has remained a local landmark for more than 100 years, based on their undeniable professionalism and friendliness. They treat all patients as if they were their own pets, helping them achieve maximum wellness through compassionate, comprehensive care.

Top benefits of Lewis Animal Hospital:

  • Knowledgeable staff, including expert veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and groomers.
  • In addition to medical, surgical, nutrition, and grooming services, Lewis Animal Hospital offers trusted, comfortable boarding options.
  • Ongoing support throughout a pet’s diagnostic/treatment process. Refer to the hospital’s FAQs for more information.

#7 Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic

Rapid City, South Dakota

Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, the team at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic understand that each pet is an integral part of the family. They pride themselves on the compassionate care and exceptional service they offer, which is clear from their reviews. Founded in 1947, the Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic offers a comprehensive list of services, offered in a state-of-the-art facility.

Top benefits of the Dakota Hillis Veterinary Clinic:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • Services range from wellness care to dermatology, equine care to digital radiology. View all available services here.

#8 Imperial Animal Hospital

Imperial, Missouri

Located in Imperial, Missouri, Imperial Animal Hospital is a full-service vet clinic committed to advanced health care. Services include consultations, exams, preventative care, dental, surgical procedures, and much more.

Top benefits of Imperial Animal Hospital:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • In addition to their long list of services, Imperial Animal Hospital all offers specialized services such as ultrasound and digital radiology.
  • Excellent staff, including expert veterinarians, knowledgeable veterinary technicians, a friendly reception staff, and their passionate boarding team.

#9 Lowell Animal Hospital

Lowell, Indiana

Located in Lowell, Indiana, Lowell Animal Hospital has been caring for its patients since 2017. Voted one of America’s Top 2019 Vet500 animal hospitals, they continue to support their local community. From heartworm treatment to spaying and neutering, cardiology to cancer, the staff at Lowell Animal Hospitals are experts in what they do.

Top benefits of Lowell Animal Hospital:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • Lowell Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic, offering a wide range of dog and cat health services.

#10 Rau Animal Hospital

Glenside, Pennsylvania

Located in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Rau Animal Hospital is not a typical vet hospital. Whether a pet is in need of a routine check-up, requires rehabilitation services, or surgical attention, Rau Animal Hospital takes a specialized and innovative approach. This vet hospital is AAHA-certified and certified as a Cat-Friendly Practice, known for the exceptional medical care and compassionate service they provide.

Top benefits of Rau Animal Hospital:

  • AAHA-accredited.
  • In addition to their rigorous qualifications, Rau Animal Hospital also holds regularly scheduled Care Conferences in order to utilize the latest resources and consult specialists.
  • The services offered are vast, including everything from acupuncture to emergency care, laboratory testing to electrocardiography.

Evaluation Criteria

While searching for the best vet hospitals across the nation, there are a number of variables to consider.

Is the hospital AAHA-accredited?

As stated by AAHA, nearly 60% of pet owners believe that their veterinary hospital is accredited when it’s not. In order to be AAHA-accredited, a veterinary hospital must pass on-site evaluations that are based on more than 900 standards of veterinary care. AAHA hospitals are clinics that offer MRI machines and are capable of treating major surgery or cancer.

Is the hospital responsive?

Animals often face time-sensitive situations when they’re in need of hospital care. Fast response rates and flexible hours are important to pet owners, as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff.

What facility attributes and capabilities are available?

Technological capabilities are important, as well as overall facility maintenance.


Although this list is nowhere near complete in terms of highly reputable veterinary care centers, these top-rated vet hospitals provide guidance in terms of the high standard of care available across the nation. At Pet Insurance Quotes, we help guide pet owners in terms of the best pet hospitals available in the U.S.

The good news is, those who have pet insurance are covered at any pet hospital. Whether your dog or cat needs surgery, cancer treatment, or emergency care, you’re covered – not matter where you go.

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