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Guide to Bringing Your Dog to Work


As we start to go back to our offices, a question is brought up into the new post-Covid work environment; what do we do with our dog(s)?

There are many new dog owners and we are inseparable to our furry-friend.

In this article, we introduce the topic of bringing your dog to work and best ways to go about it.

Why should we be allowed to bring our dog to work?

There are numerous benefits to bring our dog and best friend to work!

Companies today highlight the perk of having a pet-friendly work environment and these are some of the benefits that come along with it.

  • Boost in team morale
  • Reduction in stress
  • Differentiating employee perk

How to prepare our dog for our work environment?

Below is a guide to bringing your dog to work.

It’s a great day, because, today is the first day you bring your dog to work; now what?

Make sure to bring your dog’s favorite toy! Thinking ahead to keep them busy while you are in a meeting; this makes you one awesome well prepared pet parent!

Focus on their comfort! Does your dog love to curl up and fall asleep on their favorite bed? Then, bring it along with you. It’s important to think of everything that can make your dog comfortable in a new noisy work place, especially in the first few days.

Meal prep plan! Have a plan to pack your favorite dog food and bring it along with you. Oh, and don’t forget treats! Here is a tool that can help search for the best dog food for your dog. Right Food Finder

Plan your schedule for dog walks! Hectic schedule? Not only is it important to think about whitespace on your calendar for yourself, make sure to set up a time for a walk with your dog. It’s, also, great for a fresh breath of air on a hectic day!

Introductions and first sniffs! Whether, it’s an introduction to your colleagues or their furry-friends, make space and time for introductions! This will help your dog settle in and get to make some new friends!


Finally, this topic is really heating up! See article with Ron Coughlin , CEO of Petco, discussing and encouraging employers to have a pet-friendly work place. –

Share this post with your colleagues and employer and help support a more pet-friendly workspace!


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