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Can Dogs Eat Coconut? What Pet Owners Need to Know

Can dogs eat coconut

Oh, coconuts. Aside from giving life to stranded sailors on deserted tropical islands (and propelling an entire blossoming industry of boxed drinks), coconut meat is a delicious treat. It is used in everything from desserts to drinks and provides a sweet boost to any meal.

So, here’s a question pet owners and coconut lovers everywhere have probably been pondering: Can my pet pooch snack on a piece of coconut?

The Verdict: Can Dogs Eat Coconut?

The average dog owner is probably aware that coconut oil is superb for dogs. Giving your dog coconut oil can help with cuts and scrapes, aids in weight loss, and boosts oral and intestinal health.

Like coconut oil, coconut meat is also beneficial for dogs. As always, check in with your veterinarian to make sure your dog doesn’t have any specific dietary restrictions that may stop him or her from enjoying coconut. However, for most dogs, coconut is not only perfectly fine for them to enjoy, but it also may improve their overall health. For many dogs, coconut will help improve immune health, decrease inflammation, and improve their skin and coat.

The only thing pet owners might have to look out for with coconut is a bit of bloating or an upset stomach. If those occur, perhaps consider cutting coconut out of their diet.

Protecting Your Pet

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