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dog food reviews

See what brands topped our rankings!

We’re not dog food experts. But we are curious, dog lovers who wanted to figure out which dog food brands were the best. So we collected reviews and rankings from all over the Internet to see what brands stood out from the pack. Here are the results of our extensive research.


Best Dry Dog Foods

Dry food is the most common type of dog food in the market. It’s easy to ship, store and is actually better for your dog’s dental health than wet food.


Rank Brand – Type Average Price
#1 Blue Buffalo – Life Protection $45.99 for 30 lb. bag
#2 Iams – Veterinary Formula $75.89 for 30 lb. bag
#3 Purina – Pro Plan Veterinary Diets $100.00 for 30 lb. bag
#4 Royal Canin – Size Health Nutrition $65.59 for 30 lb. bag
#5 Hill’s – Science Diet $63.99 for 27.5 lb. bag
#6 Wellness – CORE $68.99 for 26 lb. bag
#7 Nature’s Variety – Instinct $54.99 for 25.3 lb. bag
#8 Taste of the Wild High Prairie $44.89 for 30 lb. bag
#9 Natural Balance – Limited Ingredient Diets $57.98 for 28 lb. bag
#10 Canidae – All Life Stages $43.99 for 30 lb. bag


Sources: Rankings, reviews and prices courtesy of Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart, BarkPost, Tractor Supply, PetFlow, Wag, Dog Food Advisor, Pet Food Talk, Consumer Affairs


Best Wet Dog Foods

Wet foods are generally better for dogs with health issues (such as persistent dehydration) and older dogs. If you feed your dog a wet food keep any eye on their teeth because it can cause more dental issues than dry dog food.


Rank Brand – Type Average Price
#1 Hill’s – Science Diet $29.29 for 13 oz. case of 12
#2 Blue Buffalo – Wilderness $29.88 for 12.5 oz. case of 12
#3 Royal Canin – Veterinary Diet $30.00 for 13.6 oz. case of 12
#4 Merrick Chunky Grain-Free $29.76 for 12.7 oz. case of 12
#5 Nature’s Recipe Easy-to-Digest $23.88 for 13.2 oz. case of 12
#6 Nature’s Variety Instinct $34.47 for 13.2 oz. case of 12
#7 Nutro – Ultra $21.98 for 12.5 oz. case of 12
#8 Purina – Pro Plan Veterinary Diets $36.29 for 13.4 oz. case of 12
#9 Iams – Veterinary Formula $26.89 for 14.0 oz. case of 12
#10 Cesar $30.72 for 14.0 oz. case of 12


Data Sources: Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart, Tractor Supply, PetFlow, Wag, Dog Food Advisor



There is no “one-size-fits-all” dog food. There is also a huge variety including organic, veterinary and grain free dog food. Every dog is unique based on their age, breed, health status and activity level. If your dog has specific health issues or nutritional needs consult your veterinarian.


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