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Dental Problems in Dogs

dental problems in dogs

Dental Coverage for Dogs | Teeth Cleaning


Dental problems in dogs range from plaque and tartar to tooth loss and gum decay. Regardless of how well you take care of your dog’s teeth, it’s inevitable over time that plaque will build up and eventually turn into tartar. Regular brushing and the use of dental chews can go a long way to extending your dog’s oral health. It is also recommended that your dog undergo a thorough teeth-cleaning procedure every one to two years. And it goes without saying, as with most health issues, prevention is the best option!


Your vet should examine your dog’s teeth during every regularly scheduled veterinary exam. Usually once a year and perhaps twice a year for older dogs The most important thing to do is address dental problems as soon as they are detected, no matter how minor. In most cases dental problems in dogs are the result of an accident. In more serious cases surgery may be required to repair or replace fixed teeth.

Cost to Treat: $250 to $1,500

Coverage for Dental Problems in Dogs

Pet insurance doesn’t cover regular teeth cleanings, only dental problems that result from accidents. However, pet wellness plans will pay for annual dental care for your dog. Getting your dog’s teeth cleaned will cost $250 to $400 each time. The reason teeth cleaning is so expensive is they have to put dogs under anesthesia in order to clean out the plaque. So if you’d like to get coverage with your dog’s next dental cleaning we encourage you to get quotes and add a wellness plan to your policy.

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