Broken Bones in Dogs


In most cases fractures in dogs occur as the result of an accident but older dogs are more susceptible to broken bones. Dogs have a skeletal system and bone density makeup similar to humans, so they break bones in similar ways.

Fractures range from hairline fractures that require rest to compound fractures that require surgery. The severity of a fracture can be diagnosed with x-ray and in severe cases may require an MRI.



Depending on the severity of the injury a fracture may heal on its own or require extensive surgery. The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the fracture and location of the fracture. Let fractures are usually easier and cheaper to fix than hip or spine fractures.

There’s no 100% way to protect your dog from accidents and broken bones. However, if you have pet health insurance you can protect yourself from an expensive vet hospital bill.

Cost to Treat: $200 to $5,000



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