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Pet medications can be expensive, particularly prescription drugs for chronic conditions.

Pet insurance companies have different coverage options related to pet medication coverage so it’s important to understand what’s covered and what’s not.

See how each pet insurance company handles pet medications and enroll in a plan before your dog needs expensive medication.

Often when pets receive care for medical conditions and injuries, they are prescribed medications as a part of their treatment.

These medications can range from antibiotics to insulin depending on the animal’s needs.

Regardless of the type of medication, prescriptions are often expensive, particularly when one’s pet requires ongoing treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus.

Because medications are integral to a pet’s health or recovery, one cannot simply discontinue their use.

To ensure that one’s pet continues to receive the best care, it is necessary to find an affordable way to cover some of the expense of prescription drugs for pets.

Pet insurance is one of the options that are available.

While there are no specific pet prescription insurance plans offered by the top pet insurance companies, prescribed drugs may be covered by some providers.

Availability of Prescription Coverage

Because not all providers offer coverage for pet prescriptions, you’ll want to start by researching each insurer. gives you the means to do that by offering comparisons and company overviews.

Read about each of the providers to not only see if prescription drug coverage is offered but how it is offered.

In general, when an insurance company covers prescription drugs, it is covered by accident-only or major medical plans, but some insurers may offer it as optional or additional coverage that may be added on to their available policies.

One should also look for limitations or restrictions to the type of prescriptions that are covered, as some providers may only cover drugs listed on their formulary, while others may not have such restrictions.

Benefits and How it Works

The most obvious and desirable benefit of having insurance with pet prescription coverage is that it saves money on medications that are prescribed for the treatment of one’s pet.

When a pet takes medications on a daily or routine basis, the costs can quickly add up. With insurance, the pet owner will purchase the medications when they are prescribed by the veterinarian and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Once the insurer receives and reviews the claim, the pet owner is reimbursed a percentage of what they’ve paid, drastically reducing the out-of-pocket expense.

The actual percentage or cash amount that is reimbursed is a factor that should be taken into consideration when selecting a plan, as it will depend on the specific provider.

To ensure reimbursement from providers who offer this level of coverage, it is important that pet owners sign up for an appropriate plan before their pets are in need of prescription medications.

If you have an annual deductible, you won’t receive reimbursement until the deductible amount has been met; however, routine prescriptions may help you to reach this amount more quickly.

To take advantage of the benefits associated with having pet prescription insurance, you’ll need to enroll in a plan before your pet is in a situation that requires prescription medication.

Use to not only review policy and company overviews but compare plan prices. You can get a free quote quick when you fill out our online form.

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