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Orthopedic Condition


An orthopedic condition refers to health conditions that involve the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is made up of the body’s bones (the skeleton), muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Most pet insurance companies have 6-12 month waiting periods for orthopedic conditions to avoid adverse selection. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to enroll your pet while they are young and healthy.

However, if you’d like to reduce the 6-12 month waiting period many companies allow you to submit an orthopedic exam waiver after enrollment. This waiver will waive the 6-12 month waiting period if your pet is found to be healthy during the exam.

Treatment & Costs

Orthopedic conditions are most common in large breed dogs. Treatment can cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000. Here is a list of the most common orthopedic conditions suffered by dogs and cats.

Orthopedic ConditionCost to Treat
Canine Hip Dysplasia$4,000 to $6,000
Elbow Dysplasia$3,000 to $5,000
Intervertebral Disc Disease$3,000 to $9,000
Luxating Patella$1,500 to $3,000
Degenerative Spinal Stenosis$2,500 to $5,000
Curvature of the Spine$6,000 to $15,000
Disc Disease$3,000 to $6,000
Osteosarcoma$5,000 to $20,000


Source: Dog Health Conditions


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