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PetFirst was founded by Brent Hinton and Lansdon Robbins in 2004 after Brent’s dog, Midnight, suffered an injury that cost over $3,000. Brent felt there had to be a better way to care for his beloved dog. Headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana, PetFirst is one of America’s fastest growing pet health insurance companies.

Average Price $33 - 61/mo.
A.M. Best Rating A+
BBB Rating A+
Customer Satisfaction NA
Total Reviews NA
Deductible $50 - 500
Reimbursement 70 - 90%
Annual Limit $1k - 10k
Per Incident Limit None
Waiting Period for Accidents 14 days
Waiting Period for Illnesses 14 days
Waiting Period for Orthopedic Coverage 12 mos. for cruciate ligaments
Emergency Care
Cancer Coverage
Orthopedic Issues
Hereditary Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Prescription Meds
Cancer Coverage
Dental - Accidents
Wellness Coverage
Vet Restrictions None

Coverage Options

The company offers several coverage options and plans to meet any budget. We just encourage all of our visitors to take the time to educate yourself so you don’t have any surprises down the road when you file a claim.


Policy Details

One unique aspect to consider when evaluating PetFirst is that they use a per incident deductible, which requires you to apply the deductible each time you file a claim.

Annual Limit $1,000 - $20,000
Per Incident Deductible $50 - $500
Reimbursement Rate 70-90%
Waiting Period - Accidents 14 days
Waiting Period - Illnesses 14 days
Waiting Period - Wellness 14 days
Waiting Period - Orthopedic 12 months for cruciate ligaments
Minimum Age 8 weeks
Maximum Age None
Trial Period 14 days

Full Details: View Sample Policy

Wellness Care Rider

If you'd like to add wellness and routine care expenses PetFirst offers three different wellness options.

Treatment Option 125 250 400
Vet Exam $15 $25 $35
Vaccinations $25 $50 $75
Flea, tick, heartworm, microchipping $50 $60 $100
Behavior training $35 $50 $75
Spay, neuter, teeth cleaning, panel - $50 $100
Fecal, FeLV/FIV screens - $15 $15
Total Annual Benefit - $250 $400
Average Price $10/mo. $18/mo. $25/mo.

Business Overview

Year Founded 2004
Underwriter American Alternative Insurance Corporation
A.M. Best Insurance Rating
Headquarters Jeffersonville, Indiana
Leadership Katie Grant

Policy Exclusions

1. Injury or illness contracted, manifested or incurred prior to the policy effective date unless such injury or illness has been cured and there has not been a subsequent recurrence or manifestation of the injury or illness requiring treatment. Support documentation from a Veterinarian must be submitted to Us for consideration of removal of any medical exclusion.

2. Elective procedures, cosmetic surgeries, including but not limited to tail docking, dewclaws, skin folds, nail trims, and cropping of ears.

3. Expression or removal of anal glands, or anal sacculitis.

4. Breeding or conditions related to breeding.

5. Special diets, pet foods, vitamins, mineral supplements, grooming costs and bathing (including medicated baths).

6. Treatment of external parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks and preventable internal parasites such as heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.

7. Orthodontics, endodontics and removal of deciduous teeth.

8. Diagnostic test(s) and treatment(s) for conditions excluded or limited by this policy and complications of conditions excluded or limited by this policy.

9. Time and travel expenses to the Veterinarian’s premises or hospital.

10. Illness or injury which arises out of racing, coursing, commercial guarding, or organized fighting of Your Pet.

11. Reserved for future use.

12. Reserved for future use.

13. Behavioral problems, training or therapy.

14. Routine examinations, routine tests or screens, vaccines, teeth cleaning, or polishing.

15. Preventive treatments and diagnostics for or conditions relating to preventable parasites, including heartworms.

16. Spaying and neutering.

17. Diagnosis, medical management, or surgical correction of interverterbal disc(s) regardless of the procuring cause (unless otherwise agreed with You) during the first twelve (12) months of the Policy Period. However, this exclusion does not apply if this policy is a renewal of a Pet Insurance Policy issued by Us.

18. Diagnosis, medical management, or surgical correction of cruciate ligament damage or rupture to include treatment for the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial cruciate ligament (MCL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). However, this exclusion does not apply if this policy is a renewal of a Pet Insurance Policy issued by Us.

19. Reserved for future use.

20. Reserved for future use.

21. Reserved for future use.

22. Payment of any service not provided a Veterinarian.

23. Diagnosis or treatment for organ transplants.

24. Injury to or illness caused directly or indirectly by: an enemy attack by armed forces with or without a state of war including actions taken in resisting that attack; insurrection, rebellion, revolution, invasion, civil war, illegal acts, usurped power; or as a result of any: nuclear incident, or biological, chemical or radiation contamination or exposure other than acts of terrorism.

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