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Pet Insurance for Cats

Cat insurance covers expensive, unexpected health issues. It can be a lifesaver if your furry family member needs expensive veterinary treatment.

We certainly hope your feline friend never needs serious veterinary care, but 2 out of 3 pets experience a significant health problem during their lifetime.

Insurance is the only way to ensure you will have the resources available to pay for big, unexpected vet bills.

What Does Cat Insurance Cover?

Here is a list of standard coverages for cat health insurance plans.

✓ Accidents✓ Illnesses
✓ X-Rays, Blood Tests, etc.✓ Surgery
✓ Hereditary Conditions✓ Hospitalization
✓ Congenital Conditions✓ Prescription Medications
✓ Chronic Conditions✓ Emergency Care
✓ Cancer✓ Specialty Care
✓ Diagnostic Treatment✓ Alternative Treatment
x Pre-Existing Conditionsx Preventative Care

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If you want coverage for expected veterinary bills, then a wellness plan (aka preventative care plan) is what you’re looking for.

Annual Exams Blood Tests
Vaccinations Microchip
Health Certificate Behavioral Exam
Heartworm Tests Urine Tests
Deworming Fecal Test
Pre-Existing Conditions Preventative Care

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Cat Health Conditions

Is Cat Health Insurance Worth it?

Stomach issues are the #1 health issue for cats. So, let’s assume your kitty gnaws on something in your kitchen and gets sick and needs surgery. The bad news is that you rack up $3,000 in vet bills. The good news, your furry friend will make a full recovery!

Cat Insurance

$3,000    Total cost of treatment
x   90%   Your reimbursement level
–  $100    Annual deductible
$2,600    Total claim paid to you

No Cat Insurance

$3,000    Total cost of treatment
x    0%    Your reimbursement level
$      0
–     $0     Annual deductible
      $0     Total claim paid to you

So if you’re insured, you would save $2,600 on one health scare for your kitty. Isn’t that totally worth the cost?!

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Best Pet Insurance for Cats

Whether you have a new kitten or a savvy five-year-old feline, there are a lot of great pet insurance options to choose from. Not all pet insurance companies are created equal. Here is our list of the best pet insurance for cats and kittens. Not sure where to start? Get a free quote to compare pet insurance providers.

Every cat breed is unique. Most mixed-breed cats and domestics have similar hereditary gene pools, but purebred cats can have specific health issues to keep an eye out for. Click the orange button below to find your cat’s breed and learn about potential health issues you might face during his or her lifetime.

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