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FIGO Pet Insurance

Figo pet insurance is the newest entrant to the market.

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Accident and illness coverage only.

Coverage Notes

Extra charge to cover exam fees.

Coverage Highlights

Excellent major medical coverage.

Coverage Details

No wellness plans available.

Accident and Illness:

Enrollment Requirements

*6 months for knee issues


FIGO is very competitive with regard to pricing but they do charge a one-time $9 enrollment fee. Here is a sample of dog insurance costs. And if you're more of a cat person here is a sample of cat insurance costs for the top 10 most popular cat breeds in America. Top 10 Cat Breeds Cost Mixed Breed Cat $24/mo. Domestic Shorthair $26/mo. American Shorthair $26/mo. Siamese $29/mo. Maine Coon $31/mo. Persian $32/mo. Ragdoll $25/mo. Bengal $27/mo. Russian Blue $32/mo. Himalayan $31/mo. Average for All Cats $24/mo. * Accident & illness coverage for a three year-old, mixed breed cat

Costs vary by age, breed and zip code

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About FIGO

Founded in Chicago, IL

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Company Profile

Chicago, IL

Policy Exclusions

  • Cosmetic Surgery – Your pet is beautiful just as they are. No need to try and improve!
  • Experimental Procedures – Taking risks on your pet’s health is not something that we recommend. Our policy does not cover the risk of experimental procedures.
  • Obedience or Training Classes and Devices – If your pet can sit, shake and roll over, congratulations, that is quite a feat! It’s really something to be proud of; something that you and your pet accomplished together.
  • Unfortunately, obedience or training classes and devices are not something that this accident and illness policy covers.
  • Grooming – The up-keep of your pet’s exterior is important to their quality of life and their self-confidence – keep them selfie-ready!
  • Chemical, Biological or Nuclear…bad events – Let’s hope that none of these this happens… but if they really were to occur, we have bigger problems. It is standard insurance practice not to cover these events.
  • War, Invasion, Revolt or Quarantine – Let’s hope that none of these this happens… but if they really were to occur, we have bigger problems. It is standard insurance practice not to cover these events.
  • Racing, Coursing or Organized Fighting – It would be great if racing, coursing or organized fighting never happen – those poor pets! However it does, and it is something that is strictly excluded from our policies. If you are using your pet for these activities, we are not the provider for you.
  • Failure to Adhere to Veterinarian’s Preventative & Treatment Advice – It’s important to listen to the experts- especially in the care and keeping of your pet.
  • Cloned Pets or Cloning Procedures – Sorry, we don’t cover your quest to duplicate your beloved pet. Create your pet’s “mini-me” at your own risk. Just remember that each pet has a unique soul, so duplicating the exterior does not duplicate what makes your pet so wonderfully unique on the inside.
  • Anything not administered by a Veterinarian – You wouldn’t want someone other than a licensed professional to take care of you – same goes for your pet!
  • Breeding, Pregnancy, or Giving Birth – Our policy does not provide coverage for maternity, breeding, pregnancy, whelping or nursing; however, we may provide coverage due to complications that arise after the waiting period.
  • Eating Poop or Other Eating Disorders – These pets will eat it all; however, the ingestion of poop is not something that is covered on our policy. And it is certainly not recommended. Other than being gross, it can cause severe health problems for your pet.
  • Pets less than 6 weeks old – They are oh so cute, but not yet mature enough for our policy.
  • Inhumane Treatments – We know you would never do this, so it isn’t even worth discussing.
  • Neglect or Abuse – We know you would never do this, so it isn’t even worth discussing.
  • Spaying or Neutering – Sorry, we do not cover this procedure but unless you have plans for your pet to breed, we highly recommend getting it done to avoid future health problems (many of which we exclude from our policy if you fail to spay or neuter).
  • Routine or Preventative Care – While routine or preventative care is critical to your pet’s future health and happiness, it is not something covered on our policy.
  • Elective Surgeries – We provide coverage for the surgeries that your veterinarian recommends for treatment of accidents and injuries. Elective surgeries are not covered.
  • Pre-existing Conditions – Any condition that shows clinical signs prior to the start of your policy period (and relevant waiting periods), will not be covered.


Notes & Disclaimers

d/b/a FIGO PET INSURANCE AGENCY, LLC in California. Availability of this program is subject to each state’s approval. Terms and conditions of coverage may vary by state.

FIGO Pet Insurance® and the FIGO PetCloud® are registered trademarks of FIGO Pet Insurance, LLC and in California FIGO Pet Insurance Agency LLC.

We are not an appointed producer and cannot sell, solicit or negotiate this product.


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