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Hypothyroidism in Dogs


Hypothyroidism a disease of thyroid deficiency in dogs.Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition resulting from a lowered production and release of T4 and T3 hormones by the thyroid gland.


Symptoms include hair loss that involves the front of the neck down to the chest, the sides of the body, the backs of the thighs, and the top of the tail. The hair is excessively dry and brittle, and falls out easily. The exposed skin is dry, thick, puffy, and darkly pigmented. Some dogs develop secondary seborrhea.

Other signs of hypothyroidism include weight gain, intolerance to cold, a slow heart rate, absence of heat cycles, lethargy, and a variety of nonspecific symptoms that could be due to a number of other diseases.


Hypothyroidism is permanent, but can be effectively treated with daily or twice-daily thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Treatment for hypothyroidism can cost hundreds of dollars. Pet health insurance helps pay for tests and medication when your dog suffers from illnesses.

Cost: $100 to $200 for the tests. Ongoing medications typically cost $10-30 per month.


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