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Dachshund Dogs

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Breed Overview

Dachshunds (pronounced “DAHKS-huunts” for you rookies) are one of the most unique looking dog breeds in the world  and one of the cutest!

Due to their distinct body type Dachshunds are particularly susceptible to back and spine issues. They are a relatively healthy breed with an average lifespan of 13 years, however, like any purebred dog, they are susceptible to some potentially life-threatening and expensive health problems.

Fun Fact: The German translation for the Dachshund Dog is “Badger Dog.”

Health Issues

Like most small, purebred dogs, Dachshunds are susceptible to some hereditary conditions that are expensive to treat. Here is a list of potential health issues to be aware of as the proud parent of a Dachshund dog.

Source: Dog Health Issues

Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dachshunds

As mentioned, 25% of Dachshunds suffer from intervertebral disc disease, so you should definitely be prepared because spine surgery is expensive and there is a one in four chance your dog is going to need treatment.

Source: Dachshund Club of America

Best Pet Insurance Plans for Dachshunds

These companies offer plans that best cover the potential health issues you’ll face as a Dachshund owner. Dachshunds are a unique breed and have a unique set of needs. Veterinary care can cost thousands of dollars if your Dachshund gets sick or injured. Here is a list of the most popular pet insurance companies.

All of the top pet insurance companies cover major medical issues like accidents and illnesses. This chart provides a more detailed breakdown.

Note: Unfortunately, dog insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s important to enroll while your pet is healthy and young.

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Cost to Insure a Dachshund

Here is a sample of what comprehensive coverage would cost for a Dachshund across the country so you can get a sense of what it costs.

  • Peoria, IL – $29/month
  • Annapolis, MD – $41/month
  • Sacramento, CA – $43/month

Source: Pet Insurance Cost

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Pet insurance companies generate quotes based on your dog’s breed, age and where you live. Pet insurance is slightly more expensive for Dachshund’s because, quite frankly, companies pay more claims for Dachshund’s than the average dog breed.

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