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Osteosarcoma in Dogs


Osteosarcoma usually arises in middle aged or elderly dogs but can arise in a dog of any age with larger breeds tending to develop tumors at younger ages. Osteosarcoma develops deep within the bone and becomes progressively more painful as it grows outward and the bone is destroyed from the inside out.


The lameness goes from intermittent to constant over 1-3 months. Obvious swelling becomes evident as the tumor grows and normal bone is replaced by tumorous bone. Diagnosis is accomplished through x-ray, radiograph or skin biopsy.

Incidence Rates

Large and extra-large dog breeds are far more susceptible to Osteosarcoma than smaller dogs. Extra large dogs have an incidence rate of 2.3%. The onset of Osteosarcoma usually occurs in older dog around the age of eight. Here is a list of breeds at the highest risk for Osteosarcoma.


Treatment may include surgical amputation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cost to Treat: $5,000 to $20,000


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