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Poisoning in Dogs


There are several ways dogs can suffer from poisoning. Some incidents are a mere inconvenience while other situations require life-saving emergency veterinary care. The most common type dog poisoning cases are for accidental ingestion of human health meds. These types of claims can be life-threatening depending on the type of medication ingested and the relative health and size of your dog. Cases involving human health medication average about $1,000 for emergency care.

The second most common type of dog poisoning is for accidental ingestion of household products or outdoor plants and shrubs. Much like the consumption of human health meds, these types of claims tend to require emergency medical treatment. Other types of poisoning include ingestion of human food or foreign bodies.

Important Note: If you suspect your dog has ingested something harmful or is showing signs or symptoms of poisoning please contact your veterinary care professional immediately.


Depending on the severity and substance ingested there are several treatment options. The most common treatment for poisoning in dogs is to induce vomiting. Other treatment might include overnight monitoring, medication to reduce symptoms and pain, or IV’s to flush out the toxins.

Cost to Treat: $250 to $5,000


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