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Pet Insurance in California

Pet Insurance California


Pet Insurance CA: Overview

If you're looking for pet insurance in California you've come to the right place!

We're America's #1 pet insurance marketplace, proudly representing all the leading pet insurance companies that offer coverage in the Golden State.

There are currently 12 pet insurance companies offering plans in California. Here is a full list of companies to choose from.

Company Rating Price
Healthy Paws ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Nationwide ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Pets Best ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Embrace ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Trupanion ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Petplan ★★★★★ Get a Quote
Figo ★★★★ Get a Quote
ASPCA ★★★★ Get a Quote
PetFirst ★★★★ Get a Quote
PetPremium ★★★ Get a Quote
AKC ★★ Get a Quote
24PetWatch Get a Quote

Dive Deeper: Pet Insurance Companies

Comapre Pet Insurance Plans and Prices

We created this page to serve California pet parents and your pets. You can quickly see coverage options, the best plans and other information that will help you during your research.

3 Differernt Coverage Options

There are 3 different types of coverage you can choose from when shopping for pet insurance. Major medical is the most popular, but lately a lot of Californians are choosing to combine major medical and wellness coverage so that everything is covered. The most popular comprehensive plan (major medical + wellness) is Nationwide's Whole Pet with Wellness Plan. It covers 90% of ALL vet bills. Learn more here

This chart shows a list of common pet health issues and what each type of plan covers. We've also provided some more detail about each plan after the chart.

Major Medical
Wellness Care
Accident Only
Accidents X
Illnesses X X
Emergency Care X
Cancer Coverage X X
Orthopedic Issues X X
Hereditary Conditions X X
Prescription Meds
Wellness Care X X
Pre-Existing Conditions X X X

Dig Deeper: What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

More About Each Plan

  • Major Medical Plans - These plans account for over 90% of all pet health insurance plans purchased. Major medical plans cover everything except wellness care.
  • Wellness Plans - Some companies allow you to add wellness coverage to a standard major medical plan. These plans cover expenses for routine care such as annual exams, heartworm meds, dental cleanings, etc.
  • Accident Only Plan - These are essentially emergency pet insurance plans. They don't include coverage for hereditary issues or other serious health conditions, just accidents. We don't recommend these plans because illnesses are more likely and more expensive to treat.


Best Pet Insurance in California

California Pet Insurance

We know you're busy, so let's cut to the chase. Not all pet insurance companies are created equal.

Some companies are excellent, they offer great coverage and provide excellent customer service. However, other pet insurance companies aren't even worth the investment.

See the List

Best Pet Insurance in California


To make your search easier we compiled a list of the best pet insurance companies in California. The ratings are based on in-depth analysis of coverage, cost, customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Pet Insurance California: Cost


The cost of pet insurance depends on a number of factors including your zip code. Prices vary widely based on your pet's breed, age and the coverage you select. You can pay anywhere between $12/mo. to $70/mo. and the only way to know for sure is to get free quotes.

With that in mind, we thought it might be helpful to give you a sense of what you might pay for a major medical major medical plan through the state of California.

Long Beach
$43/mo. $39/mo. $36/mo.

Source: Pet Insurance Cost Analysis

More Cities

  • Pet Insurance San Diego: $44/mo.
  • Pet Insurance Los Angeles: $49/mo.
  • Pet Insurance San Jose: $51/mo.
  • Pet Insurance San Francisco: $54/mo.
  • Pet Insurance Fresno: $40/mo.

Additional Locations

Life's a beach when you easily get free pet insurance quotes from the leading companies in California. You can get pet insurance in any city including Oakland, Anaheim and everywhere in between. Find prices in your city here!

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Veterinary Care in California

Dog surfing in California

With California's winning combination of year-round warm weather and natural beauty, as well as its pet-friendliness (dog beaches! surf dog competitions! cat-and-dog-friendly hotels!), pet owners and their best friends can enjoy outdoor living together. But this lifestyle can also bring some unique challenges and risks to pets.

California's balmy climate means four-leggers can be particularly at risk of heat stroke, burnt paws, joint injuries, foreign body ingestions and allergies.

Plus, pet insurance research has shown that one in three pets will fall sick or get injured this year (Source: Petplan Pet insurance). So it's no surprise that more and more pet owners are turning to pet insurance.

Living the dream in the Golden State isn't cheap. In fact, California is the 4th most expensive state to live in. This is reflected in the cost of veterinary care in California, which means vet bills can easily run to four figures, even for common treatments.

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Sacramento you can expect to pay even more if your pet gets sick or injured. Here is a sample of common health conditions and the average cost of treatment for each.

Condition Cost to Treat
Anemia $500 to $2,000
Aortic Stenosis $3,000 to $6,000
Cancer $5,000 to $20,000
Canine Hip Dysplasia $4,000 to $6,000
Congenital Heart Defect $15,000 to $20,000
Corneal Dystrophy $2,000 to $3,000
Cruciate Ligament Tear $3,000 to $10,000
Dilated Cardiomyopathy $10,000 to $20,000
Disc Disease $3,000 to $9,000
Patellar Luxation $1,500 to $3,000

Source: Dog Health Conditions


Highest Rated Vet Clinics in California

  • Happy Pets Veterinary Clinic: Valencia
  • Alicia Pet Care Center: Mission Viejo
  • Conejo Valley Vet Clinic: Thousand Oaks
  • San Clemente Vet Hospital: San Clemente
  • Above and Beyond Animal Care: Redding


Fun California Pet Facts

The laid-back California lifestyle is perfect for pets, which helps explain why almost 53% of California households share their space with a furry family member.

California is the third largest state in the US and is ranked #1 when it comes to the number of pets we quote per month. In fact, California accounts for a staggering 13.2% of all quotes. Its clear Californian pet owners care deeply about protecting their four-legged friends.

And California cares deeply about pet owners.

In 2014, the state of California introduced a new law, which added essential consumer protections to pet insurance. These include a new 30-day "free look" period, as well as a requirement that insurance companies must provide baseline information such as reimbursement benefits. This means that pet owners in California."

  • Can try out a policy and ensure they're completely happy before committing.
  • Know all the details of their policy, so they can rest assured knowing their furry friend is protected.

Pet Insurance California: Reviews & Testimonials

Woman posing with her dog in Santa Monica

Buster and Anna are insured by Healthy Paws

"Buster is very active for a Bulldog. I love him dearly and knew that pet insurance was something I wanted him to have. I essentially chose Healthy Paws because they have the best coverage and the highest customer ratings. Quite frankly I pay $15 more per month being with Healthy Paws but I wanted the best. We've been customers since 2012 and only had one claim in June 2013 for a bee sting. The trip to the ER and IV's cost about $400 and the plan reimbursed us about $150. Then in May 2015 Buster's active lifestyle caught up to him and he tore a ligament in his front left leg. I couldn't pinpoint when the injury occurred but it became clear after a couple days of limping and whining that something was wrong..." Buster's Full Story

- Anna, Santa Monica

"I have had my auto and home insurance with Nationwide since I graduated from college ten years ago. I've always had at least one cat since I live alone and when my Nationwide agent told me that he was offering a new pet insurance plan so I decided to give it a try. To be completely honest he added it to my other policies and I forgot about it. Then about 6 months later my cat, Tiger, swallowed a pen cap. He seemed very lethargic for about 24 hours so I took him to the vet. I was hoping the pen cap would pass naturally. Our vet ran an x-ray and it showed the pen cap and he explained that Tiger would need to have it surgically removed because of the angle it was lodged in his stomach. I've heard this happening to puppies but never a cat. Lucky me. So they sent me to a surgery center and the woman at the counter asked how I wanted to pay for the operation. I asked her the options and she countered and asked if I had pet insurance. I was so thrilled because I did!.." Tiger's Full Story

- Amy, San Jose

"I enrolled my labrador retriever, Tinkerbell, in Healthy Paws plan in January 2013. Best pet parenting decision of my life. Tink, as we call her, was diagnosed with severe canine hip dysplasia in March this year. The orthopedic specialist we visited with recommended corrective surgery, which ended up costing $6,200. That is why I say that enrolling Tink in pet insurance was the best pet related decision of my life. Healthy paws paid 90% of the total cost, which ended up being about $5,600. We pay $36/month for Tink's insurance so that one claim was worth 10 years of pet insurance payments..." Tinkerbell's Full Story

- Roxy, Sacramento


"We live near the beach in Central California. My husband Al used to be a writer for the Simpsons so we named our rescue lab Bart. We love taking him to the beach and on hikes through the mountains. In September Bart ran down a ravine during one of our hikes and suffered a severely broken leg. My husband had to carry him 2 miles to our car because he couldn't put any weight on the leg. We drove to the nearest animal hospital and they immediately injected Bart with a local anesthetic to alleviate the pain. They also gave him a sedative so they could do an x-ray and determine the extent of the damage. The x-ray revealed a clean break of his front right leg. The doc said this was common for labs because they often brace their falls and stops putting all the force on their front limbs..." Bart's Full Story

- Gina, San Mateo


"Our dog Barry was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago and it's been a tough road. He's had 3 chemotherapy treatments and one radiation treatment with 2 more to go. The oncologist is optimistic that they'll be able to knock out the cancer cells but only time and further tests will tell..." Barry's Full Story

- Michelle and Steve, Los Angeles

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Dog Insurance California


Golden State pups have as much choice for adventuring as their noses can handle, from exploring the Sierra Nevada to relaxing in Long Beach to sniffing out celebrities in Los Angeles.

If you're looking for the best pet insurance for dogs in California then we can help you out. Learn more about dog insurance in California and dig even deeper into your options.

Dog Insurance in California

Cat Insurance California

And as for Cali-cats? They're kings and queens of their domain wherever they are!

If you're the proud pet parent to a cat or a kitten then you can explore all the different nuances of cat insurance and find the perfect plan for your feline!

Cat Insurance in California




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Common Pet Health Problems


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