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Teething Time! Eight Great Puppy Toys for Teething and Soothing Gums

kong puppy teething stick
Pictured: KONG puppy teething stick


Puppies Love to Chew!

For all of us dog owners watching a puppy grow up, teething time can be difficult. Just as it is with a human infant as they start to teeth, this process can be painful for puppies. Luckily, there’s an easy way for dog owners to help out with this challenging time – through puppy toys specifically designed for teething and soothing gums! Allowing puppies to nosh on these toys can prove to be beneficial in several ways – not only helping to soothe the pain of teething but also to teach them what they can and cannot chew on. So, what are the best puppy toys for teething and soothing gums? Here’s our list of the eight best ones out there on the market today!

  • The KONG Puppy Teething Stick (available in a variety of colors and small, medium, and large sizes) is a fantastic toy for them to play with. The “denta-ridges” on the stick clean the teeth and soothes sore gums with its soft puppy rubber formula. There’s also a “Puppy Easy Treat” inside the grooves, ensuring that the puppy will get hours of enjoyment and entertainment out of the stick.
  • The Petstages Cool Teething Stick Dog Chew Toy is a colorful and engaging toy for puppies. It’s easy to freeze the chew toy to help with swelling and discomfort and to cool them down on hot days, and the crunchy, texture-rich toy is ideal for the entertainment of growing dogs.
  • The Nylabone Dental Puppy Chew Toy comes in a chicken flavor appealing to any pup, and features textured nubs to help with oral health. The soft material on the chew toy is also perfect for the mouths of puppies. There’s a wide range of styles and sizes in the Nylabone line, so be sure to find the one type of chew toy that best suits your dog.
  • Nylabone also makes an adorable Puppy Teething Pacifier. Certainly one of the cutest puppy teething toys out there on the market, this type of chew toy is a colorful treat for your dog to play with. With ring and two chew outlets for puppies to gnaw on, the teething pacifier is the perfect solution for younger, growing dogs and provides an excellent boost for their oral health.
  • Take to the skies with the JW Pet Playplace Butterfly Teether. Bring a little bit of nature to their teething time with these colorful (there are plenty of different color options) butterfly-shaped teething toys. It’s a strong and bouncy toy that’s virtually indestructible for those excitable younger dogs. Go ahead and toss this one all around the yard or the basement with the dog – you won’t be able to break it, and they’ll have a great time!
  • Looking to give your dog treats as they teeth? Try the PetSafe Busy Buddy “Nobbly Nubbly” Dog Toy. Available in small, medium, or large options, this strong and engaging toy delivers a creative way for your dog to learn how to chew. Just spread a treat (like cheese or peanut butter) in the grooves and watch them go to town on it. Give them a little boost as they go through this challenging teething time!
  • Bring it back to the Jurassic period with the Arm and Hammer Dental Ora Play Denta-Saurus dog toy. Not only is this a great way to help them soothe their gums and aide in teething, but the dino’s shape also helps to scrub and clean your dog’s teeth. Plus, you can have lots of fun watching your dog “battle” one of the most fearsome creatures to ever walk the earth – like an alternate version of Jurassic Park.
  • Who doesn’t love bacon? Your dog’s sure do! Give them a taste of bacon with the Benebone Bacon-Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy. Flavored with real bacon and made with durable nylon, the grooves in this wishbone-shaped toy will make for a perfect biting toy for a puppy.

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