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The number of pets registered in Washington, DC has soared in recent years. That means more pet owners need to take their dogs and cats to the vet. It also means that some people will get high vet bills that they cannot afford.

District of Columbia pet insurance can make it easier for you to pay for the vet services that you need when your animal gets injured or sick. Before you can choose the right plan, though, you need to learn about what pet insurance offers.

What Does District of Columbia Pet Insurance Cover?

Most pet insurance companies in Washington, DC focus on accident and illness plans. If your dog gets ill or your cat breaks a leg, the pet insurance will pay a portion of your bill.

Some DC pet insurance companies also offer wellness plans that cover things like exams, dental care, and medication. You can also find pet insurance in Washington, DC that lets you buy add-ons for burial, lost-pet, and other extra services.

Your pet insurance plan should pay for 70% to 90% of covered expenses. That will save you a lot of money when your dog or cat needs emergency care.

Since you have a lot of options, you should compare pet insurance in DC to find a policy that fits your needs and budget.

Best Veterinarians in Washington, DC

Veterinary care in the  has never been better, but it’s also never been more expensive. Emergency care, surgery and long-term medications can cost thousands of dollars if your dog or cat gets sick or injured. If you’re going to drop thousands of dollars on your furry family member you may as well choose one of the best veterinary clinics in DC. Here is a searchable list created by the Washingtonian.

The Price of Pet Insurance in the District of Columbia

The cost of pet insurance in Washington, DC depends on things like your pet’s age and existing conditions. The level of coverage and deductible that you choose will also affect the price.

Companies also charge different prices for similar policies. You can expect to spend anywhere from $24 to $84 per month. Some companies fall on the low end, though.

Get the DC pet insurance policy that’s right for your household by requesting price quotes. You can’t make an informed decision until you have compared your options.

Find more prices for dogs and prices for cats to help you decide whether you need pet insurance that makes bills more affordable.

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