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"We got health insurance for our boxer because I've had boxers in the past and they tend to have orthopedic problems with hips and knees. We chose Petplan for Bee because they offer broad coverage for a reasonable price. We enrolled Bee the day we picked him up knowing that the sooner we enrolled the sooner his coverage would be validated.

Ironically we made a claim last month for something completely unrelated to Bee's hips and legs. He got into some bushes at the park and got some thorns and scratches from a rose bush. We cleaned him up but took him to the vet to make sure there wouldn't be any infections. They cleaned him up and gave us antibiotics to ensure there wouldn't be a lingering infection.

The entire trip only cost $110 but we filed a claim anyway just in case something happened down the road. Petplan's claims rep sent us a nice confirmation that our claim was accepted but that we had not reached our $200 deductible for the time period. Hopefully we won't have to hit our $200 deductible but if we do I know how to file a claim and have more confidence now that it will be paid."



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“We submitted over $4k in claims to Healthy Paws and in less than 2 weeks we were reimbursed. So amazing!!!” - Brandon
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