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Nationwide vs. Fetch

Nationwide and Petplan are both excellention options when considering pet insurance for your furry family member. The biggest difference between the two is that Nationwide offers an optional wellness care plans, whereas Petplan does not. See the similarities and differences for yourself and decide which company is best for you and your pet!

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Fetch Pet Insurance
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Overall Rating:
Total Reviews: 614 1,837
Deductible: $100 - $250 $250 - $1,000
Reimbursement: 90% 70% - 90%
Annual Limit: $10,000 - Unlimited $2,500 to Unlimited
Company Profile: Company Overview Company Overview
Waiting Period for Accidents: 14 Days 5 days
Waiting Period for Illnesses: 14 Days 15 days
Waiting Period for Orthopedic Coverage: 14 Days* 15 days**
Emergency Care: Included Included
Accidents: Included Included
Illnesses: Included Included
Cancer Coverage: Included Included
Orthopedic Issues: Included Included
Hereditary Conditions: Included Included
Chronic Conditions: Included Included
Prescription Meds: Included Included
Wellness Coverage: Optional Excluded
Vet Restrictions: None None

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Comparison Summary

Nationwide offers three different coverage options, depending on the state you live in:

  • whole petSM with wellness
  • whole petSM
  • major medicalSM

Each plan has pros and cons but in general terms whole petSM with wellness has the broadest coverage and major medicalSM is the most restrictive on coverage.

Petplan on the other hand has one plan to choose from but a multitude of options you can add or subtract to their plan. Unlike Nationwide’s plans, Petplan allows you to choose your deductible, reimbursement rate and payout amount. You can also add riders to your policy for additional coverage options.

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Enrollment Requirements

*Diagnosis or treatment of cruciate ligament or meniscus damage or rupture that occurs during the first 12 (twelve) calendar months that your pet is insured by us. You must maintain continuous coverage on your pet with us in order to avoid another twelve (12) month waiting period.

Six weeks minimum age and 10 years maximum for enrollment (includes lifetime coverage). Physical exam must have been completed within 12 months prior to enrollment.

Fetch Pet Insurance Enrollment Requirements

*Regardless of your pet’s age, if your pet has not been examined by a veterinarian within sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the policy, you must arrange to have your pet examined within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the policy.

**Orthopedic Health Issues

  • 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligaments and patellar luxation
  • Standard 15 day Illness Waiting Period for other Orthopedic conditions
  • Exclusionary period for knees can be waived with a healthy knee exam/check at the vet while the policy is in force
  • 30-day waiver is available
  • Cruciate injuries and illnesses are coverable, but there is a six month cruciate exclusionary period that can be waived by having the knees certified as healthy by the vet in the first 30 days