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The world’s biggest retailer is now providing pet insurance… Walmart!

Walmart has been in the pet industry for years now by selling cat and dog food, supplies, treats, and toys. And now they’re expanding into pet services like pet sitting, dog walking, and even pet insurance! Walmart’s pet insurance plans cover up to a 90% reimbursement of your vet bills, and they’re even giving discounts on their pet insurance plans.

What Does Walmart’s Pet Insurance Actually Cover?

Walmart’s pet insurance plan is managed by the company Petplan, and offers accident and illness coverage for both cats and dogs.

Walmart Coverage Includes:

  • Accidental injuries & illnesses
  • Veterinarian exam fees
  • Comprehensive dental
  • TeleVet services
  • Chronic & hereditary conditions
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Tests
  • Cancer treatments
  • Prescription medication
  • Surgery & rehabilitation
  • Alternative therapies
  • Referral & specialist treatment
  • Imaging (Xray, MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound)
  • Boarding kennel fees
  • Vacation cancellation costs in relation to pet illness or injury

What is Not Covered by Walmart’s Pet Insurance?

Walmart goes above and beyond with their pet insurance coverage. They offer more than other pet insurance companies would, without added fees. But there are just a few things that aren’t covered.

Walmart Coverage Does NOT Include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine & wellness care
  • Cosmetic & elective procedures

How Does Walmart Pet Insurance Work?

Walmart’s pet insurance plan can be customized to fit your monthly budget and needs. You can adjust your deductible, reimbursement percentage, and annual limits to create the best pet insurance plan for you.

How Much Does Walmart’s Pet Insurance Cost?

There are 3 main factors that will determine your monthly pet insurance cost. You get to choose which combination works the best for your furbaby’s needs, and your budget.

Maximum Annual Payout:

  • $5,000
  • $15,000
  • Unlimited

Annual Deductible:

  • $250
  • $300
  • $500

Reimbursement Rate:

  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%

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