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Dog Boarding and What to Look For

dog boarding

Dog Boarding – What’s the Best Option?

We consider our dogs as part of the family. So it can be awkward when we take our family on vacation and have to leave Fido behind.

And if you’re a fellow dog lover you know it’s hard to enjoy time away from home if you’re not 100% sure that Fido is in good hands.

With that sentiment in mind, we decided to do some research and create a list of the top 5 dog boarding options. We hope this list at least gives you some ideas the next time you have to leave Fido.


Dog Kennels

Avg. Cost – $35 per night

This is standard fare and most dog owners are familiar with what dog kennels are and how they work.

Kennels are a great option because the owners and staff are very professional and they are used to dealing with a variety of dog breeds. Reputable kennels will either have a veterinarian on staff or will have a relationship with a local clinic to ensure that sick or injured dogs get prompt treatment.

Most kennels offer additional services you can take advantage of while your dog is there Grooming and training are the most popular added services but some kennels will also offer special diets and in-kennel cameras so that you can keep an eye on Fido while you’re away.

Some kennels are off-site farms that don’t leave dogs in cages or rooms, so if that’s important to you it’s an option.


Veterinary Clinics

Avg. Cost – $25 per night

Some veterinary clinics offer dog boarding services as an additional line of business.

The major benefit of boarding your dog at a veterinary clinic is knowing that your dog is just feet away from excellent health care. Of course, if your dog is healthy that might not be much benefit, but if you have a puppy, older dog or a sick dog boarding at a veterinary clinic might be your best option.

A veterinary clinic might not be as fun for Fido as a kennel, but you won’t have to think twice about his care.


Dog Hotels

Avg. Cost – $45 per night

If the idea of a kennel makes you uncomfortable you can make an upgrade to a doggie hotel.

Admittedly, the line between a dog kennel and a dog hotel is blurred. The distinction however is that a dog hotel would be a slight upgrade where your dog has his own room. Some of the highest rated dog hotels will include televisions and furniture in your dog’s own, personal room.

Just like a hotel.


Pet Sitters

Avg. Cost – $15 per night

The sharing economy has brought along a lot of innovations when it comes to dog sitting services.

Some of the most notable websites are and, where you can find local pet sitters who will take care of Fido while you’re away. The major benefit of pet sitters is that Fido gets to stay home while you’re away. Depending on your dog, staying at home can lower anxiety and make for a better time apart. On the other hand, your dog will be by himself most of the day and through the night so that’s something to consider when choosing a pet sitter.


Friends and Family

Avg. Cost – $0 per night (but you’ll owe them!)

This is the best option if you can find a friend or family member who’s willing to watch Fido while you’re gone.

The biggest benefit is that Fido gets to spend time with familiar people in a familiar neighborhood with very little change in their daily routine or surroundings. You can even drag Fido’s bed to your sister’s house so he can sleep in his own bed.

The downside of using friends and family is that’s it’s very hard to find a willing party!


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  1. As a recently new pet owner, I appreciate your information on what to look for when boarding your dog. I like how you said that dog hotels allowing your dog to have its own space. My husband and I will have to consider using something like this when we go on our next vacation.

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