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87 Insanely Cute Girl Dog Names

female dog names

Top 50 Dog Names | Getting a Puppy?

What’s in a Name?

You’re so excited: You’ve picked out your new canine friend and can’t wait to finally bring her home! You’ve got her food and water bowl ready, her new leash and harness are right by the door, and her brand-new, comfy bed is waiting for her. The only thing you’ve still got to do is figure out her name. Simple, right? Well, it can be downright difficult to think of the perfect name for your new puppy, so we’re here to help you out. Here are 87 insanely cute female dog names for you to choose from.

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Sweet Names

You can look to the sweet things in life – candy, desserts, and even some drinks like coffee and cocktails – for ideas to name a girl dog. While this list may include things you should never feed a dog, like alcohol and caffeine, it’s completely alright to call her any of these sweet names:

1. Brownie

2. Blondie

3. Cookie

4. Muffin

5. Honey

6. Candy

7. Mocha

8. Cocoa (or Coco)

9. Kona

10. Kahlua

11. Bailey

12. Brandy


Fruity Names

The things we eat provide lots of inspiration for cute dog names for girls, including the stuff in the fruit bowl. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter Apple? It may have been a bit startling for a human, but some fruits are perfect names for dogs.

13. Kiwi

14. Cherry

15. Clementine

16. Peachie


Spicy Names

The spice rack is a great place to look for dog names. It’s very fitting, too, since our canine pals spice up our lives in so many ways. Among other things, having a dog in the family leads to more happiness, increased contentment, and better health. Herbs and spices add flavor and freshness, and any one of them could be the perfect female dog name.

17. Cinnamon

18. Pepper

19. Nutmeg

20. Ginger

21. Rosemary


Nature-Based Names

The natural world around us serves as the source for so much in our lives, sparking our imagination and creativity in all sorts of endeavors. From the trees to the flowers and even the weather, there are so many perfect puppy names just waiting for you out in nature. Take a hike with your furry friend and explore these options.

22. Sunny

23. Misty

24. Lavender

25. Rose

26. Lilac

27. Violet

28. Lily

29. Daisy

30. Zinnia

31. Freesia

32. Petal

33. Hyacinth

34. Olive

35. Willow

36. Ivy

37. Fern

38. Holly

39. Aster

40. Flora


Mythological Names

You can also look to the sky and stars for your next dog’s name, with constellations and the mythology behind them providing a rich source of both popular and unique canine names. Some may be long, but their shorter nicknames are also adorable.

41. Star

42. Athena

43. Luna

44. Diana

45. Ursa

46. Cleopatra (Cleo)

47. Cassiopeia (Cassie)

48. Guinevere (Gwin)

49. Andromeda

50. Lyra


Geographic Names

A growing trend with parents of both humans and furbabies is to name them after geographical locations. These may be places that have a special meaning to you, places that you’ve visited and loved, or places that you hope to visit one day. These range from city to state to country names. If you want a truly exotic female dog name, just open a map and see what names you find there. Or choose one of these:

51. Skye

52. Iona

53. Dakota

54. Charlotte

55. Malibu

56. Savannah


Literary Names

From classic dog names in fiction to classic female characters and even female writers themselves, the literary world is a treasure trove of ideas for girl dog names. Think of your childhood favorites and they probably include one or more of these:

57. Lassie

58. Dixie

59. Piper

60. Harper

61. Sandy

62. Annie

63. Scout

64. Emma


Gemstone Names

Your dog is a precious family member, so what better than a gem or precious jewel as her name? Think of a favorite gem, your birthstone, or maybe the birthstone of somebody who meant the world to you.

65. Jade

66. Emerald

67. Amethyst

68. Pearl

69. Opal

70. Ruby


Musical Names

Music is another rich source of names, whatever your musical preferences. Think country, opera, jazz, rap, pop, R&B, and so much more. We love these classical jazz names for a female dog, as well as a couple of musical terms.

71. Billie

72. Lena

73. Ella

74. Nina

75. Sarah

76. Etta

77. Melody

78. Aria


Celebrity Names

Actresses from the days of silent films all the way up to modern times can serve as the inspiration for cute and classic dog names. And the characters they play are also a great source of ideas, especially the characters in current, trendy movies and television series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Game of Thrones.

79. Lana

80. Penny

81. Sophie

82. Gracie

83. Midge

84. Brie

85. Dani

86. Sansa

87. Arya



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