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Metritis in Dogs

metritis in dogs


We all want our dogs to be as happy and healthy as they can be. However, illnesses and disease are a fact of any life – both human and animal.

One of the afflictions dogs may suffer from is called metritis. In this blog post, we’ll break down what you need to know about metritis: what it is, how dogs can get it, how you can tell if your dog is suffering from it, and what you can do about it.

What is Metritis in Dogs?

Metritis is a bacterial infection that targets female dogs directly after pregnancy. This type of bacterial infection strikes through the blood shortly after pregnancy and causes the dog’s uterus to become inflamed and swollen. If not treated properly – or treated in time – the illness can lead to the dog becoming sterile and may become fatal in some occasions.

Another thing to note: metritis is most commonly seen after normal pregnancies, but may occasionally occur after an abortion or a miscarriage. Those instances are considered rare, but they do occur.

How Can I Tell if My Dog Has Metritis?

Keep a very close eye on your dog in the immediate aftermath of their pregnancy. The most common sign that your dog may be suffering from metritis will be a very distinctive discharge from the dog’s vulva (or vaginal) area. This discharge may be a dark green color and may include pus or pus mixed in with blood. Dogs suffering from metritis may also suffer from a swollen, misshapen abdomen, run a high fever, become dehydrated, or have dark red gums.

The dog’s temperament may also change when suffering from metritis. They may become depressed or lethargic, suffer from a lack of appetite, or refuse to interact with their puppies. Additionally, dogs may not produce enough milk for their pups while having metritis.

Metritis can strike as quick to one day or around a week after your dog has given birth. It is most common after stressful or unique pregnancies or pregnancies that have produced large litters.

How is Metritis Treated?

If you spot any of these symptoms in your dog in the aftermath of their pregnancy, take them to the veterinarian immediately. The vet will perform a host of blood work tests and may take an ultrasound or an x-ray to confirm the metritis diagnosis.

The treatment for metritis ranges. In some cases, the cure includes a range of antibiotic medicines. In other cases, the veterinarian may admit the dog for therapy with an IV to combat the infection. Frequently, the recommended treatment may be to spay your dog. Spaying the dog – removing a female’s reproductive organs – will remove the infection and prevent it from recurring.

One more important thing to remember: you may have to hand-feed the puppies from the suffering dog to prevent passing on the infection.

Protecting Your Pets

One of the most essential tools you have to protect your pets from diseases like metritis is pet health insurance. In this case, dog insurance can help to offset the cost of treating this illness – which can frequently run well into the hundreds of dollars. To find the best pet insurance for your family, visit There, you can read pet insurance reviews, explore pet insurance options, and get a pet insurance quote to help secure a happy future for your furry friends.

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