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Pet Insurance with Dental Coverage

pet insurance with dental coverage

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More than ever, pet parents are aware of the importance of caring for the health of their cat or dog’s teeth. Care for your pet’s teeth extends beyond what can be accomplished at home and often requires the services of a veterinarian.

Failure to provide a proper level of oral care can result in a number of issues that could lead to medical problems. Because dental treatments can be costly, you’ll naturally want to ask the question, “Does pet insurance cover dental care?”

The answer to that question varies and depends on the pet insurance, dental services offered, and the level of coverage that is chosen.

Why Pets Need Dental Care

Like people, pets require dental care to prevent a number of problems, the most common being bad breath, tartar build-up, and mouth pain. These problems are often caused by issues such as infections, periodontal disease, and misaligned or broken teeth.

Cats may suffer from a condition that’s known as tooth resorption, or resorptive lesions. If left untreated, dental issues can cause aggression due to pain or difficulty eating.

Bacteria from an oral disease can get into the bloodstream and negatively affect major organs such as your pet’s heart, kidneys, or liver.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet dental insurance makes it more affordable to provide necessary dental care for your dog or cat. When searching for pet insurance that covers dental services, it is important to understand what pet insurance will and will not cover.

Pet dental insurance that comes with most major medical plans, for example, will not cover regular teeth-cleaning. Pet insurance can, however, be used to cover dental injuries that are caused by accidents.

To make the most informed decision, it is crucial that you carefully compare each of the top insurers’ plans to determine the extent of coverage.

While many of the insurance companies only cover dental care associated with accidents, you may find that others offer coverage for periodontal disease and extractions in addition to fractures and injuries.

What Does a Wellness Plan Cover?

For many pet parents who want to purchase pet insurance that covers dental care, the ideal goal is to receive some reimbursement when it comes to regular cleanings.

Because your pet must be anesthetized before your veterinarian can perform the procedure, it can be an expensive addition to your pet’s care.

Teeth-cleaning is generally covered by pet insurance companies that offer wellness plans. Wellness plans will often pay for your pet’s annual dental care, generally without co-payments, deductibles, or waiting periods.

When researching wellness plans, take reimbursement options and specific coverage into account before you enroll in a plan.

When you’re looking for pet insurance with dental coverage, you’ll want to not only compare providers and plans but also compare prices.

You can get free quotes when you fill out and submit our simple quote form. If you still have questions and need help determining which plan offers the degree of dental coverage that is best for your pet.

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