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Overall Rating ★★★★★
Major Medical Coverage Yes
Wellness Coverage No
Avg. Price for Dog $39/mo.
Avg. Price for Cat $22/mo.
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Healthy Paws Overview

Healthy Paws has been rated the #1 pet insurance provider in America four years in a row. The company offers one, simple accident and illness policy that is the best in the business. Healthy Paws (aka 'healthypaws') stays on top by providing clear, solid coverage and providing the best customer service in the industry. See how Healthy Paws ranks with regard to the four most important attributes.


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If you're looking for excellent major medical coverage all in one, simple comprehensive plan, then Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the best choice.

Emergency Care ★★★★★
Accidents ★★★★★
Illnesses ★★★★★
Cancer ★★★★★
Orthopedic Conditions ★★★★
Hereditary Disorders ★★★★★
Prescription Meds ★★★★★
Surgery ★★★★★
Diagnostics ★★★★★
Congenital Conditions ★★★★★
Payout Limits ★★★★★
Chronic Conditions ★★★★★
Dental Coverage ★★★★★
Routine Care -
Alternative Therapies ★★★★★
Veterinary Network ★★★★★
Claims Processing ★★★★★
Exclusions ★★★★

Healthy Paws Coverage Notes


Healthy Paws Coverage Highlights

  • Unlimited Lifetime Benefits and no annual limits
  • Full coverage for accidents & illnesses (including hereditary conditions)
  • Paperless claims from any device
  • Backed by AON


Coverage Details

Here is a quick overview of policy details to give you an idea of what to expect when building your custom Healthy Paws insurance quote.

Deductible Type Annual
Deductible Options $100 - $500
Reimbursement Options 90% - 70%
Hereditary Disorders Yes
Minimum Age for Enrollment 8 weeks
Maximum Age for Enrollment 14 years
Waiting Period Injuries 15 days
Waiting Period Illnesses 15 days
Hip Dysplasia Waiting Period (for pets 6 years old or younger) 12 months
Policy Exclusions Listed Below

Enrollment Requirements

Healthy Paws uses your pet's medical records to process claims. This exam date tells us that your pet has been examined by a veterinarian within the timeframe required. Pets younger than 6 years old require a veterinary exam in the 12 months prior to enrollment. Pets 6 years or older require a veterinary exam within the past 30 days.

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Healthy Paws is very competitive but slightly more expensive than other companies in the market.

Base Premium ★★★★
Fees ★★★★★
Annual Increases ★★★★★
Deductible ★★★★★
Reimbursement ★★★★★

Note: Healthy Paws charges a one-time $25 enrollment fee.

Here is a sample of dog insurance costs for Healthy Paws dog insurance plans.

Top 10 Dog Breeds Cost *
Mixed Breed Dog $32/mo.
Labrador Retriever $36/mo.
Yorkshire Terrier $35/mo.
Golden Retriever $41/mo.
Dachshund $45/mo.
Chihuahua $43/mo.
German Shepherd $44/mo.
Shih Tzu $36/mo.
Boxer $50/mo.
English Bulldog $48/mo.
Average for All Dogs $42/mo.

And if you're more of a cat person here is a sample of cat insurance costs for the top 10 most popular cat breeds in America.

Top 10 Cat Breeds Cost *
Mixed Breed Cat $25/mo.
Domestic Shorthair $27/mo.
American Shorthair $27/mo.
Siamese $30/mo.
Maine Coon $32/mo.
Persian $33/mo.
Ragdoll $26/mo.
Bengal $28/mo.
Russian Blue $33/mo.
Himalayan $32/mo.
Average for All Cats $30/mo.

Source: Pet Insurance Cost

Pet Insurance Cost

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Customer Satisfaction: 96%

Total Reviews: 6,213

Healthy Paws insurance coverage has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any pet insurance company in America. The company's culture is based on doing the right thing for its customers and pets.

Customer Reviews ★★★★★
Expert Reviews ★★★★★
Waiting Periods ★★★★★
Ease of Enrollment ★★★★★

Dive Deeper: Healthy Paws Reviews


Gus & Melissa's Story

Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy

Pictured: Gus with his mom Melissa, Insured by Healthy Paws

"We picked up Gus from a breeder earlier this year and knew we wanted to insure him based on experience with past pets. Unfortunately we lost our last dog, Beau, to cancer and the vet bills were enormous. Going through that experience really changes your perspective as a dog owner because you realize how awful it feels when your dog needs life-saving treatment. You also learn, through that experience, how expensive the emergency room visits, diagnostics, tests, surgery and treatment are. In less than 24 hours your vet bills can exceed $5,000 before they even know what's wrong. Luckily for us we had pet insurance for Beau..." Read Gus' Story

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Healthy Paws Insurance & Foundation started in 2009 by Rob Jackson and Steve Siadek. Rob and Steve met through a Seattle, Washington based no-kill animal shelter. Steve left a corporate career to pursue his pet passion and become the shelter's executive director. Rob, who was an insurance executive, adopted his dogs from the shelter and kept coming back to foster more.


  • #1 Customer-Rated in 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Paperless claims from any device

Rob and Steve saw a need to help pet owners deal with the financial impact of giving their pet's quality veterinary treatment. In addition to providing quality pet insurance coverage, Rob and Steve also wanted to help animal rescue organizations care sick pet's in their care. So from the beginning the company has made a donation to animal shelters each time a new dog or cat enrolls in their pet insurance program.

Service ★★★★★
Company ★★★★★
Policy Options ★★★★★


Business Details

As you know by this point, Healthy Paws offers the best customer service in the biz. But the roots of this business can be traced back to 2009 when Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson, Healthy Paws' co-founders, met through a local, no-kill animal shelter. Since being founded in 2009, Healthy Paws has helped thousands of dogs and cats in the great Seattle area find homes.

Get Involved: Support Seattle's Animal Shelter

Year Founded 2009
Underwriter Chubb Group (A++)
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Leadership Rob Jackson, Steve Siadek
Claims Reimbursement 10 day average
Vet Policy Any licensed U.S. veterinarian
Phone 1-855-898-8991
Service Hours Mon - Fri: 6:00am - 6:00pm EST
Trial Offer 30 days

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Policy Exclusions


  • Pre-Existing Conditions - Illness or the recurrence of any illness or condition which first occurred or displayed any signs and/or symptoms consistent with the stated illness or condition prior to the pet policy effective date; an injury or recurrence of an injury that occurred prior to the pet policy effective date; or any condition or complication resulting from an illness or injury that occurred prior to the pet policy effective date.
  • Veterinary Examination Fees
  • Preventative Care - Spaying and neutering, Preventive healthcare including vaccinations or titer test, flea control, heartworm medication, deworming, nail trim, and grooming, parasite control including but not limited to internal and external parasites for which readily available, prophylactic treatments are available, dental health care, however if injury to teeth is caused by an accident, we do cover the cost of extraction and/or reconstruction of damaged teeth, anal gland expression
  • Bilateral Conditions - Pre-Existing cruciate ligament problems to one leg as respects the cost of future treatment for problems of the other leg
  • Elective procedures - Cosmetic procedures, tail docking, ear cropping, de-clawing, micro-chipping, dew claw removal, ear cleaning
  • For pets 6 years of age or greater on the date of enrollment, no coverage shall apply for illness related to hip dysplasia
  • Conditions arising from a specific activity if the same or a similar activity occurred prior to the pet policy effective date and displayed the propensity for the activity to recur and cause injury or illness to your pet
  • Claims in any way arising from the lack of use and/or implementation of preventive healthcare products and/or methods when such products and/or methods would be in accordance with generally accepted veterinary standards. Routine healthcare includes: vaccinations, flea control, heartworm medication, de-worming, dental care, ear plucking, grooming, and prudent regular care.
  • Breeding or conditions relating to breeding, whelping, and queening

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