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Prudent Pet Insurance vs ASPCA

Prudent Pet Insurance rated #1 pet insurance on Trustpilot. ASPCA, like Prudent Pet Insurance offers accidental and illness coverage. Prudent Pet Insurance highlights a 24/7 virtual vet chat. ASPCA and Prudent Pet Insurance have add-on coverages!

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Prudent Pet Insurance ASPCA Pet Insurance
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Overall Rating:
Total Reviews: 1,139 6,145
Deductible: $100 - $1000 $100, $250, or $500
Reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90% 70% - 90%
Annual Limit: $2,500 - Unlimited $2,500 - $10,000
Company Profile: Company Overview Company Overview
Waiting Period for Accidents: 5 Days 15 days
Waiting Period for Illnesses: 14 Days 15 days
Waiting Period for Orthopedic Coverage: N/A 15 days
Emergency Care: Excluded Excluded
Accidents: Included Included
Illnesses: Included Included
Cancer Coverage: Included Included
Orthopedic Issues: Excluded Excluded
Hereditary Conditions: Included Included
Chronic Conditions: Excluded Included
Prescription Meds: Included Included
Wellness Coverage: Optional Optional
Vet Restrictions: N/A None

Prudent Pet Insurance Enrollment Requirements

  • 6-month waiting period for knee and ligament issues
    • Can be waived with a veterinarian note
  • 14-day waiting period for illnesses
  • 5-day waiting period for accidents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ASPCA Pet Insurance Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Exam Requirements: There are no enrollment exam requirements.