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Von Willebrand Disease in Dogs



Von Willebrand disease is one of the most common bleeding disorders in companion dogs. It is very similar to hemophilia in humans. Like hemophilia, von Willebrand disease causes excessive bleeding, because the affected animal’s blood cannot clot normally.



Von Willebrand disease cannot be cured but it can be managed to increase a dog’s chances of recovering fully after a traumatic event or surgery. Dogs or puppies with vWD may require one or more blood transfusions to restore appropriate levels of von Willebrand factor, which is essential to normal blood clotting.

Bleeding at local wound sites can be controlled by appropriate supportive care, including sutures, pressure wraps, tissue glue and/or bandaging. Steps can be taken to boost the dog’s blood-clotting ability so that surgery carries fewer risks. Blood transfusion treatment for a dog can cost $150 to $300 per bag and up to $500 for whole blood. A dog suffering from an acute condition can cost $1,000 in just one day for the blood and other treatment.


Cost to Treat: $500 to $1,000 each treatment


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