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Pet Insurance Accident Only Coverage

accident only coverage

What it Covers

As the name suggests, this type of policy only covers injuries or conditions that are considered accidental in nature. This often includes injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, or emergency situations such as the ingestion of foreign substances or accidental poisoning.

The exact list of injuries and conditions that are covered by this type of emergency pet insurance may vary from one insurance company to the next. For this reason, careful comparison is important before you enroll in an accident-only plan with a specific provider.

Here is a detailed chart that illustrates what’s covered by the different plans.

✓ Accidentsx Illnesses
✓ X-Rays, Blood Tests, etc.✓ Surgery
x Hereditary Conditions✓ Hospitalization
x Congenital Conditions✓ Prescription Medications (if related to accident)
x Chronic Conditions✓ Emergency Care
x Cancer✓ Specialty Care
✓ Diagnostic Treatment✓ Alternative Treatment
x Pre-Existing Conditionsx Preventative Care

Source: Pet Insurance Comparison


What it Doesn’t Cover

It is important that you identify why you are insuring your pet and what its needs are before deciding to purchase an accident-only plan. Claims that are associated with an illness will not be covered, nor will illnesses that are hereditary or congenital. In general, any type of problem that is not caused by an accident will not be covered by this type of pet insurance. Accident-only plans also do not cover medications or routine visits to the veterinarian such as check-ups or vaccinations.


Which Pets (and Pet Parents) Benefit From Accident-Only Pet Insurance

Accident-only pet insurance can be beneficial to any pet parent, regardless of whether they own a dog or cat. It is particularly beneficial for highly energetic animals or for certain breeds that are known to be active, extremely curious, or mischievous, as they are more likely to behave in a way that could result in accidental injury. Older pets may also benefit from accidental insurance, even if you are not eligible for standard accident and illness coverage, which is often referred to as accident and illness insurance. It also serves as a low-cost and affordable way for pet owners who are on a tight budget to manage the cost of emergency pet care.


Other Options

An accident-only pet insurance plan is only one of three levels of coverage available. Because this is a limited plan, it is important to understand what the other options are if you feel that it will not meet your pet’s medical needs. Accident and illness coverage is the most popular type of plan, as it also covers a wide range of conditions, including cancer. Because illnesses are much more expensive, an accident and illness plan is the policy type that we most recommend. Wellness plans are another option for people who want to cover routine veterinary care without copayments or deductibles. Not all carriers offer this type of plan, and most require the purchase of standard accident and illness coverage as well.



Untreated injuries can turn into problems that are catastrophic. Pet insurance for accidents can help by reimbursing some of the cost of veterinary care. Use to do a quick, free comparison of providers and costs before you sign up for an accident-only plan. Do you have more questions about whether an accident-only plan is right for you? If so, contact us online by sending an email today.

Accidents, regardless of how careful you are as a pet owner, can happen when you least expect them. When they do occur, they may result in minor or even major injuries to your pets. Emergency care for dog and cat injuries can be expensive if you are paying without the help of insurance. While there are a number of options when it comes to insuring your pet, accident-only pet insurance is specifically designed for these unexpected incidents. lets you compare emergency pet insurance plans and related costs from the major pet insurers.


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