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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Insurance

frequently asked questions about pet insurance

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Let’s face it, pet insurance is confusing. Here at we answer hundreds of pet insurance questions every day. Here is a list of the most frequent and common questions.


Is pet insurance worth it?

The short answer is yes, but it’s impossible to make a decision unless you understand what pet insurance covers and how expensive veterinary care can be. To help you make a decision visit the ‘is pet insurance worth it?‘ page.


What does pet insurance cover?

Standard pet insurance policies cover accidents and illnesses. However, some pet insurance companies also offer wellness and routine care coverage for an additional charge.


Can I add wellness and routine care coverage to my plan?

Yes, there are 20 pet insurance companies in American and they all provide standard accident and illness policies but only six offer optional pet wellness plans that cover routine care expenses.


Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Unfortunately, no. Pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions. Some companies will cover, minor, curable pre-existing conditions, but it’s better to assume any issues your pet has prior to enrollment will be excluded. If you are unsure, some companies offer a free veterinary review to determine if there are any exclusions for your pet.


How does pet insurance work?

There is a simple three step process when it comes to pet health insurance. First, you enroll in a plan. Second, your waiting period begins. Third, you can file claims and get paid. How Does Pet Insurance Work?


How are claims paid out?

All pet insurance companies reimburse for veterinary care after treatment. But don’t let that make you nervous because there are several ways to avoid going out-of-pocket when you file a claim.


How much does pet insurance cost?

It depends on three factors; your pet’s breed, age and where you live. The other major factor is how much coverage you select. You can also change the cost of your policy by adjusting your deductible, reimbursement rate and payout limit.


If my pet has a health issue can I still get coverage?

Yes, the good news is that even though pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, your pet is still eligible for coverage. So any new or future health issues that your pet suffers from will be covered.


Will my premiums increase each year?

Yes, pet insurance is just like auto, home or health insurance. Every year your pet insurance provider will adjust your rates based on a cost of living index and the age of your pet. The average price increase is less than 5% per year.


When does coverage start after I enroll?

Every company has waiting periods, which is the amount of time that passes from the day you enroll to the day coverage starts. The day your coverage starts is called the effective date. The average waiting period for accidents and illnesses is two weeks and the average waiting period for orthopedic issues is 12 months.


Is spay and neuter covered?

Spay and neuter is covered by most wellness plans.


Is my pet covered for life?

Yes, as long as you pay your premium and adhere to the terms of your pet insurance policy then your pet will be covered for life. This is important because as your pet gets older the risk of illness and injury increase and you’re more likely to file claims.


Which companies cover multiple pets?

Every pet insurance company can cover as many pets as you like. Some companies will create a different policy for each pet you enroll while others will just add all of your pets to the same policy. See which companies cover multiple pets here.


Are there any caps or payout limits?

Some companies have limits and others don’t. There are two types of max payout limits for companies that have caps; per incident limit and annual limits.


Will my vet accept the insurance I choose?

Yes, you can use any pet insurance policy, from any company, at any veterinary clinic that’s licensed in the U.S. This means you can use your regular vet, specialists and any pet hospitals.


What records will my pet insurer ask for?

Some companies will ask for vet records after your enroll and others will ask for them when you file your first claim. In some cases companies may just reach out directly to your veterinarian and collect them that way.


Does my pet need an exam before enrollment?

Some companies have veterinary exam requirements. For example, one of our top selling providers, Healthy Paws, requires pets younger than 6 years old to have a veterinary exam at least 12 months prior to enrollment and pets over 6 years old are required to have an exam 30 days prior to enrollment. The exam requirements will be clear when you provide your purchase information.


How do I enroll in a plan?

All you have to do is get free quotes, choose a plan and purchase your policy online. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes. Some companies have veterinary exam and veterinary records requirements so be aware of that when you enroll.


Dog pet insurance cover Vaccines?

Pet insurance is designed to cover treatment and expenses for unexpected accident and illnesses. However, you can add wellness and routine care coverage with most providers in order to cover vaccinations.


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