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What is Eusoh?

Eusoh (pronounced you-so) is an affordable, cooperative pet health plan that uses the power of community to help pet parents manage veterinary bills.


How Does it Work?

When you take your pet to a veterinarian you will pay for services upfront. After the services you will submit your invoices and receipts to the Eusoh community for reimbursement.

how eusoh works

Your reimbursement is based on a national average plus variance to account for differences in pricing across the country.


What’s Covered?

Eusoh is not pet insurance, but the services that are shareable are similar. Here is a handy chart of veterinary services that are shareable vs not shareable in the Eusoh community.

Annual Check-ups
Hereditary Conditions
Congenital Conditions
Prescribed Medications
Alternative Treatments
Wellness Care*
Spay / Neuter
Dewclaw / Removal
Ear Crop / Tail Dock
Breeding Expenses
Pre-Existing Conditions**

*Wellness care includes annual exam and routine vaccinations. Wellness care does not include grooming, dental cleaning, nail trimming or routine meds.

**Eusoh moderated groups do not accept pre-existing conditions. However, there are community groups that are willing to accept pets with pre-existing conditions and are willing to take on a higher monthly bill (while other groups may not).


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When comparing Eusoh to traditional pet health insurance plans, consider these attributes to make an apples-to-apples comparison:

  • Annual Payout Limit: $8,500
  • Waiting Period: 30 days
  • Initial Out-of-Pocket: $250
  • Member Share: 20%
  • Age Restrictions: None
  • Vet Restrictions: None

Note: Pre-existing conditions are defined as any previous or ongoing medical conditions are defined as any injury or illnesses that your pet shows symptoms of or is undergoing treatment for before joining our community.


Reimbursement Example

Your dog swallows some chocolate and the vet bill is $1,000. After your initial out-of-pocket of $250 and your member share of 20% your Eusoh community kicks in to reimburse you the remaining $600!

eusoh reimbursement

The next month, your dog has a small skin infection. The cost of that treatment is $500. Since you have already paid your initial out-of-pocket, you only pay your member share of 20% and the rest is shared by your group.


Most Common Member Services

eusoh common services


How Much Does Eusoh Cost?

There is a $48 initial deposit and the subscription fee is $17/month, which is over 60% less expensive than the average pet insurance policy.

Contributions vary depending on how many expenses are submitted to your group each month.

Additionally, Eusoh guarantees you will never pay more than $65 a month (including your subscription fee). Each pet is considered its own subscription and has its own subscription fee, initial deposit, and will be responsible for monthly expense sharing.


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  • Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC
  • Eusoh is not a licensed pet insurance business

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