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Coloboma in Dogs

Pictured: Dog being checked by a vet for Coloboma



Coloboma in dogs is when the development of eye tissue is incomplete while in the womb. This disorder causes the puppy to be born with a hole, split, or cleft in the iris. Dogs with this condition have a dark hole or irregularly shaped iris but vision is usually not impaired.

However, they may squint and be uncomfortable in bright light, since the coloboma prevents the iris from contracting normally upon exposure to light. Most colobomas are inherited through recessive genes and are diagnosed shortly after birth.

They also can be linked to injuries and trauma to the eye, or appear as a complication following eye surgery. Colobomas can appear in any breed of dog, but are most common in Basenjis, Australian Sheepdogs, and other herding dogs, such as Collies.



Unfortunately there is no treatment or cure for coloboma in dogs but the disorder should not progress and aside form possible sensitivity to light coloboma does not present any other health complications.



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