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Juvenile Renal Disease in Dogs


Renal dysplasia affects puppies and young dogs. Renal dysplasia is a hereditary disease that affects younger dogs and puppies. Renal dysplasia is also known as juvenile renal dysplasia or progressive nephropathy. Puppies that are affected with the disease have abnormal kidney formation.


Symptoms of renal dysplasia include excessive urination and excessive drinking. They can also develop symptoms such as weight loss, vomiting, decrease in appetite and dehydration. Some puppies may be difficult to house train due to the problem with excessive urination.


Unfortunately there is no cure for renal dysplasia. Kidney treatments and transplants may be beneficial but kidney transplants in dogs are often rejected. Intravenous fluids and diet changes may be beneficial in the early stages in prolonging the quality and lifespan of your dog.


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