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Pelger-Huet Syndrome in Dogs


Abnormality in the formation of the nucleus of white blood cells. Though Pelger-Huet Syndrome is defined as a congenital abnormality, it can and often is developed post-birth and in such cases is termed “Acquired Pelger-Huet Syndrome” though for all intents and purposes, it remains the same defect.

This particular type of cellular defect is significant not because of any real problem that it causes in and of itself but because it acts as herald to much more serious diseases such as leukemia.


Diagnosis of Pelger-Huet Syndrome can prove somewhat problematic since similar nuclear abnormalities can be caused by different matters altogether, such as infection or neoplastic change. They can even be induced by the use of drugs.


There is no cure for Pelger-Huet Syndrome, but it’s important to remember that it is not in itself a disease. It is merely a sign that you must keep a close eye on your dog’s white blood cell count so that should any more serious problems arise, you’ll be ready and able to stop them.


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